Sunday, January 17, 2010

Verra Cool Scotland-Themed Websites

When you run a website, you do a lot of research googling... and you run into some tremendous websites.

I HAVE to mention a beautiful site I found recently, Scotland for the Senses. If you are a fan of the most beautiful country on earth, you'll love this site.

Another neat Scottish-themed site is A Wee Bit of Cooking that has tons and tons of Scottish recipes.

And if you are a fan of Scottish actors, you MUST check out Weirdly Obsessive Gerard Butler Fans. (Great job, Diane!) And might I say that I just saw him on the Golden Globes and they did NOT give that man enough dialogue or on-air time. I could pass up everyone else on the show (except Stephen Moyer, of course) and watch him all night. Seriously.

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