Sunday, January 10, 2010

Who is YOUR Outlander Mentor?

SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless you have finished Drums of Autumn.
So my sister Tracey (and Outlander mentor) has been telling me I should post about Outlander mentors - and how it's vital to have one. Which, it is, Sassenachs. I have had more than one occasion where something happened in the books and I've had to call my sister - who is always at least a half a book ahead of me - and ask questions. Or complain. Or yell. Or cry my eyes out.

I called Tracey on the first page of Dragonfly in Amber to say "WHAT THE F*%#???????"

I called her again at the end (and many times in between) to cry my eyes out and spend an hour discussing the books - our lives - and just generally sound like Nancy Kerrigan whilst chanting "Why? WHY?" over and over again.

Tracey, Jenn and I had a massive one hour conference call when Marsali burst in on Jamie and Claire in Voyager.  THAT was an interesting call.

And I called Tracey in tears - with a desperate need for guidance when Ian became a Mohawk. (Poor Shannon had to endure this alone as she was in Florida visiting relatives.) I shudder to think of not being able to call my mentor when I need to discuss.

So again - I ask you: Who is YOUR Outlander Mentor??


  1. My Outlander mentor is my lovely friend Emily, who first introduced me to the books. (Usually--but not always--this is the first task of an OM.) It was back in May or June, when I was knee deep in Twilight lurve. Emily had read the Twilights too and was like, "Yeah, Edward is great, but he's NOTHING compared to Jamie Fraser.

    Emily loaned me her copy of Outlander, which sat on my nightstand for approximately three months while I made my way through all nine Sookie Stackhouse books, assorted book club books, and a second read of the entire Twilight series. Emily would occasionally ask whether I had started and would keep telling me how much I was going to love them, but I had to really feel the need to read it for myself, I guess.

    Finally, as I was preparing for a short vacation at the end of September, I decided to start Outlander--figured it would be something to toss easily in my luggage, read on the beach, etc. And as you well know, life has never been the same.

    Through five and a half books, Emily has stuck it out as my mentor and not spoiled anything, but been verra patient with my questions, complaints, and squeeeees. Even better, as a result of all the mentoring (well, I like to think so!) she's started ANOTHER reread of Outlander!

  2. LOL and here is the email where I "changed the lives" (ROFLMAO) of my own mentees, Carol, Jenn, and Shannon:

    Ladies, I never thought I would ever, EVER say this, but here goes:

    Edward, Schmedward.

    That's right girls. There's a new Sheriff of Library 5. His name is Jamie Fraser. And he will rock your ever-lovin' world.

    Do the following:
    1) Go to your local library or bookstore. No, forget library. You must purchase, not borrow. You won't want to return.
    2) PURCHASE "Outlander" by Diana Gabaldon.
    3) Lock yourself away.
    4) Begin reading.

    Now, Jenn M. has a bit of a head start here, as she started reading on my recommendation. So as she knows, it is a slow start. For the first 30-40 pages, you feel like you're reading a Noel Coward play: "Dahling, would you like a spot of tea? Fancy a brandy on the terrace before retiring?" Yawn. (Tho I warn you, you will need to go back and read these pages once you realize that they are in fact incredibly important to the plot.) Even the next 100 or so pages aren't exactly riveting--lots of exposition, trying to figure out exactly what the narrator's deal is (it's told by Claire, a late 20s British nurse just after WWII), lots of characters that are easy to confuse. We actually meet Jamie and, while he's certainly an interesting character, he's no Edward/Bill/Eric.

    But then the plot starts to get going. And long around page 200, you find that it's hard to put down. And then....hold on to your hats, ladies.

    I'm on page 706 right now. I read straight through on the plane for 4 hours--beginning at 6 a.m. I haven't been able to put it down for three days. I'm been like, EFF PUERTO RICO--I NEED TO READ!!!!!! Read on the beach. Read in the car driving around. Read well into the night. Will probably finish tonight. And the best part is that there are AT LEAST four more in the series to read!!!!!!!

    Trust me, ladies--the Claire/Jamie relationship is astounding. And it's better than Twilight in one important aspect: the narrator is actually NOT annoying. Though for a long while, Claire and Bella would fight to a draw in a dope-off, Claire gets it together midway through the book and actually does some kick-ass rescuing. And Carol, you are especially loving this book because Jamie is--get this--a Scottsman. He talks in a brogue that seems like it might be annoying to read at first, but ends up not being. And he is HAWT. And gentle. And HAWT. And funny. And HAWT. And endearing. AND. HAWT.

    Jenn M--back me up here, if you've read more. Everyone else, get started so we can discuss. TRUST ME!!!!!

  3. See? With an email like THIS, how could I not immediately have gone out and bought Outlander? An I'm so glad I did. Although I could do without the dreams. I was so glad up until this point (Chapter 26 in The Fiery Cross) that I wasn't having crazy Outlander dreams - like the crazy Twilight dreams I used to have. That thought was thrown out the window last week when I started having crazy Outlander dreams about the woods... and horse riding... and living on the Ridge.. and and and. It's maddening. I woke up in the middle of the night last night and had been dreaming about stale bannocks. Yes, you read that right. STALE BANNOCKS! Lord I need a vacation. So I could a) get away and b) READ MORE DIANA! :)

  4. So far I'm the only one that I know that has read the books or is reading the books. SO you guys are kinda my mentors since I can come here and post comments about all I have read. Thank God to because I was about to burst with pent up hot Jamie love not I can talk about it and not sound wierd or have my family ask where I met this guy. lol

  5. Wow, ladies. SO MUCH info on this site and particularly in this post! Let's see: Like many others, I fell in love with twilight (and didn't expect to) and was looking for another amazing series to try after Twi. I read about Outlander on some of the "what do I read after twilight" forums on Amazon, but it wasn't until a dear friend of my mom's recommended it that I bought it. And I really can't believe how much it sucked me in! I love, love love the Jamie and Claire dynamic, the incredible strength of their devotion and love, and am just yearning for them to end up together. I'm hesitant to recommend it to friends because of the heavy duty romance factor, and some of the intense rape scenes :-( but know a few people who might love it too. I JUST started voyager, and am so happy I have four more books ahead. I can't wait til Jamie and Claire are in the same century again. I'm also quite happy I found this site :-) I kind of think of it as my Outland mentor too :-)

  6. My Outlander mentor is my wonderful sister-in-law. First she got me hooked on Twilight, then on the Sookie Stackhouse books and then she recommended Outlander. I was not enthused at first because it sounded like something I would never in a million years enjoy. But she recommended it so highly that I decided to try it. That was in September and I have been Outlander-obsessed ever since! She's great because I can call her anytime to talk and get my "Jamie fix".

  7. Roberta - you can credit yourself for coming up with HJL - "Hot Jamie Love". That is awesome and I will so be using "HJL" in future posts!

    Sirena - I was/am a TwiNut. The two biggest "book snobs" in my book club wanted nothing to do with Twilight. So I (sheepishly) suggested Outlander for January - turns out both book snobs have already read it - and loved it (I think they both read about 5 and that was the most recent book at the time they read them). One said it was in the romance section in our local book store so she hesitated and the owner and girls who worked there were like "Nooo! It's not just romance! Read it!" I told my club it has something for everyone. It truly does.

    ssandjd2 - You sound like me! I was a fan of the True Blood show on HBO. Then my cousin told me to read Twilight and I blew it off for months "Why would I want to read about teenage vampires?! I've already got Vampire Bill!" and then once I did I was ridiculously hooked (see www.mytwiolightpurgatory for proof. LOL) Then I went back and read all the Sookie Stackhouse books...(new one in May - squeee!) THEN I found Outlander (Thank you, Tracey!) and now I am a little over 1/2 way through The Fiery Cross and am lost in Outlander world. Just got back from the weekly (sometimes biweekly) Outlander "Gathering" with the girls. I do not know what I'll do when I finish the series. Truly.

    PS - So glad to see all of you commenting! :)