Thursday, January 7, 2010

Casting videos

Interesting casting choices. (Not down with Colum, though; too old.)  I like Laoghaire... Bree... Roger... Murtaugh (a LOT like mine) but what really intrigued me was Jonathan Rhys Myers for Randall! He can definitely play him - no question about that once you've seen him play Henry Tudor. How about casting him as John Grey? Not a bad choice, either. Thanks to Tiedyedaisy.

This is just Jamie and Claire from MaggiePhenix. Not bad. Again - intriguing. Evangeline Lilly - I've NEVER thought of her. Wonder if she can do the accent? She does look perfect for Claire. And this Chris Hemsworth dude? Australian. Hmmm. I like it. I'll have to see him act in something.


  1. OK, they havena invented a SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE loud enough that will fully express my feelings at the thought of JR-M as Lord John Grey. He's not Randall to me--not old enough, but HOLY CHRIST he is an awesome LJ. Jaysus. I think I just sat in the ale pot.

  2. ROFLMAO "I think I just sat in the ale pot".