Friday, January 15, 2010

The Pillars of the Earth MOVIE!

SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless you've read VOYAGER.
This morning I remembered that exactly one year ago, I was reading The Pillars of the Earth. Fast forward to a little while ago when I sat down to watch a bit of RocknRolla with my hubby so I could pick through the mostly British cast for Outlander possibilities. After hanging on Gerard Butler's every word for a while... and realizing I might actually be down with the folks who think he's a good candidate for "Older Jamie"... I googled some dude from the movie; can't even remember his name now, as it is SO not important. What IS important is that I just came to the realization that they have filmed a "The Pillars of the Earth" MOVIE!!! 8 HOURS WORTH! Can we say "miniseries"?? You could have heard me "squeeee!" from across the country. I loved that book. I'll admit that - while it has lots of traipsing through the woods - it wasn't exactly as exciting as Outlander. And OK so I may have skimmed through some of the details of the cathedral architecture. But my god - the drama - the angst - the Jobian feel of poor Tom Builder! I canna tell you how much I loved that book -  and that character - for some of the same reasons I love Outlander and Jamie Fraser. Read it! (When you're finished Outlander, that is!)

PS - I can honestly say I am more than happy to see this on the big screen because I wasn't attached to it like I am to the Outlander series. See my Randall Wallace post and comments for further explanation!


  1. LOL re: Pillars of the Earth. I liked that book a lot--and loved Tom Builder--but Jesus H Roosevelt CHRIST every time he started talking about architecture, my eyes would glaze over and I would know it was time to skim through, like, 30 pages. Those parts were the book equivalent of commercials on TV--the perfect opportunity to get a snack or pee.

  2. My eyes would glaze over too, but I tried to pay attention and actually looked up some of the terms on google. I plan on a second read, listen actually on my ipod trough But of course nothing compares to Outlander.

  3. I love the woman who is playing Ellen; I think I want her for Jenny. More later!

  4. ok clearly i'm a dork because i didn't even mind the architecture discussion. loved that book. read the sequel too and it was good.

  5. OMG, I am a huge fan of this book, loved it and so excited its going to be made a mini series... To tell you the truth I like A world without end almost better. What does everyone else think?

  6. is it a mini-series or a big screen movie?? I'm interested in seeing either, to tell the truth. Loved the book, but yes, nothing like Outlander.

  7. i read Pillars about 2 years ago and then again aboiut 6 years ago, and I have to tell you that as good of a book as it was a enjoyed the sequel much better, WWE was sooo much better. But for this miniseries (which will be airing in June of 2010)i have to disagre with the cast. As much as I like Rufus Sewell as an actor, I don't really see him as Tom Builder. i agree with not using big hollywood names in the movie, with the exception of Donald Sutherland, but I don't think they chose actors that will accurately make you think of the characters in the book. When I read of the witch Ellen, I imagined Helena Bonham Carter, when i read of Aliena I imagine Natalie Portman. You comments and opinions are welcome...

  8. Hi All,

    I've heard that about WWE being better. That may be my next book after Echo while waiting for Book 8. I think maybe I should finish book 6 though, right? LOL

    Kevin McKidd was my Tom Builder from the first page. I can't imagine Rufus Sewell either... but I'll wait until I see it to form an opinion (and most likely blather on about it on this blog. LOL!!)

    Can't wait for June!!
    PS - I have to do some more casting. I think my Ellen would probably be close to my Jenny in Outlander.