Monday, February 15, 2010

The Bend... and SNAP!

So I promised Jenn M. I wouldna read further than chapter 25 before Thursday. We have a meeting at Shannon's on Thursday morning... and we all want to be on the same page. And Tracey (mentor) says chapter 26 - 30 should be read with no distractions. But Jenn didn't read last week because she was on vaca - so Shannon and I are waiting for her to catch up.

I just finished chapter 24 - so now I have to savor chapter 25 between now (Monday night) and Thursday. And I just said to Tracey - my mentor - "It's sooo good! How am I going to wait until Thursday? I promised Jenn - I HAVE to!" And do you know what her reply was?

"Read and lie. It's like 'bend and snap'!!" 


Karen Henry said...

Tracey is right about the "no distractions" thing. My advice? Do NOT start chapter 27 unless you are prepared to settle in for a good long read.

And I will be very interested to see what your reaction is, when you get through this part.


lesley said...

hi carol

go on read it, read it, we won,t tell honest :-) and then please post here asap

Tracey R. said...

As I told Carol, chapters 28 and 29 MUST be read in one undisturbed sitting--approximately 50 pages. If at all possible, chapter 27 should be in that sitting as well, which adds another 18 pages. I actually did put the book down at the end of 27--it was like 1 in the morning and I HAD to go to sleep, and there's sort of a "soft stop" at the end of that chapter--but if you do stop there, you're going to be CHOMPING AT THE BIT to get back to it!!

Purgatory Carol said...

Lesley - It's so tempting!

Karen - Jenn, Tracey and I had a little conference call to discuss our reading schedule. I'm thinking Friday night is when I will read 26 - 29... and then more on Saturday. For now - I will be reading 25 in spurts until Thurs (it's so short so I'm reading a page here, a page there.)

I'll keep you posted! I'm so excited!

OH and Tracey said not to read the title of Part 4 if at all possible.

Terry said...

If you do read ahead, it will be verra difficult to keep it to yerself. See if ye canna speed up the other lasses, aye?

Purgatory Carol said...

I know, Terry. I'm left chomping at the bit at this point. I feel like I'm the one with the cockstand. ;)

Karen Henry said...

Definitely, don't read the title of Part 4 ahead of time. It will only drive you crazy with speculation and anticipation (or worry) about what's coming.

Yes, this part is at least 50 pages, and yes, you should try to read it in one sitting if you can manage it.

Have fun! :-)


Purgatory Carol said...

Thanks Karen. What's funny is that I'll be doing this on the Kindle. So I'll be looking off to the side, trying to see it with the corner of my eye and hitting the page turn button... and I'll probably end up back on Outlander! LOL!!

Jenn M said...

Carol - THANK YOU for waiting for me. I hope it was worth the wait. I'm glad we were able to enjoy the section together. So glad you didn't have to "Bend and Snap." You're a great friend.

Purgatory Carol said...

Jenn - you KNOW IT GIRL! I love suffering through these chapters with you! I canna read them alone!

PS - Have you ever tried the Bend and Snap?! I'm terrible at it!! :)