Monday, February 22, 2010

What's YOUR Outlander Playlist?

I've been getting a lot of commentary on my Outlander Playlists lately... and I love it.  Music is a huge part of my life and I have always found myself drawn to certain types of songs. Whether I'm putting together an Outlander playlist - or just listening to music in general - a song will just grab me - and then I'm hooked. I always say that my favorite music is music that makes me "feel". And that's how I put together my playlists.

When I was a kid, we used to have to go on long car rides to my grandparents in Northwestern Pennsylvania on Thanksgiving (LORDDD they were longggg car ridesssss!) And I used to put together mixed tapes (off the radio - SO showing my age here). And we used to drive through the Allegheny mountains and I would look out the window at miles and miles of forest. And my sisters would take one look at me, staring off into space with my earphones in my ears and say "Oh no. She's delving again." Yup. That's me; the music-delver. Been doing it my entire life; not about to stop now.

At any rate - I just wanted to say that I find it neat that we all have different tastes and opinions  where our Outlander music is concerned. It is SO easy to put together a playlist. I use They do it for you; you should try it! Especially if my playlists are a little different from what your own would be.

Go ahead! And don't forget to take your time about it, aye?


  1. Outlander music??? I have a large collection of Scottish music, but one that is instrumental only and I play again and again is called Stars in the Wave. The musician is Alpha Munro (current Lady Munro) and I think it is exquisite and the sort of music the Frasers would have heard in their time. I am sure you can locate it on the Munro website or Amazon, don't know if they allow you to hear a sample but worth a try.

  2. oooh thanks Elle! I am always looking for new Scottish music!

    I actually have a CD I listen to while I'm reading... it's a Lifescapes CD and it's called Scottish Moors. I canna get enough of it. I listen at home and in my car... it's beautiful background music for the books.

    Also - Shannon turned me on to going to and typing in things like Gaelic or Scottish... and making your own little radio station that plays nothing but your music.

  3. Oh fabulous idea with Pandora. I never thought to do that. K- very teenage, but Miley Cyrus new song "When I look at you" Reminded me of Jamie and Claire. You'll have to check it out!

  4. I ended up buying the Scottish Moors CD. The description sounded so lovely. I can't wait till it arrives.

    Angela, there is only wonderful music. I don't pay mind to whether it's teen music or not. It's good to be open and eclectic. I will take a listen "When I look at you."
    I have come to love Angels and Airwaves' Music. They have a few good Claire and Jamie songs.
    These songs remind me of the series:
    Everything's Magic (preview for the whole series);
    Start the Machine(OL-Jamie, ABOSAA-Claire);
    Call to Arms (FC and/or ABOSAA);
    A Little's Enough (Roger song FC);

  5. Angela, I agree with NigheanDubh - doesn't matter who the music is geared toward.. if I like it, I like it. :)

    I will go listen to Angels and Airwaves now - thanks ND!

  6. EVERYTIME I read Outlander I need music because I read on the train and I need something to block out the noise. You can actually get the soundtracks to the Outlander show and I find that they put me in exactly the right mood and sometimes the crescendos even appear perfectly with the events I am reading. It's quite fantastic.