Thursday, February 11, 2010

Things I'm Pondering...

SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless you have finished chapter 9 in A Breath of Snow and Ashes.

Am I the only one waiting for the "Go ahead... I dare ya" moment when Bree or Roger or someone asks Stephen Bonnet to roll his tongue?

The Lizzie thing is getting verra interesting. I've never seen a lesser character surrounded by more intrigue. Now I know - and so do you - that she's going to dump Manfred at some point. She has to. Either that or she'll marry him and be miserable. But I dinna see that happening. I thought she and Ian were going to get close again when he showed up... until Bobby Higgins showed up, that is. Now - I might be making things up in my brain - tis something that's happened before, lassies. But I felt like the two of them were verra concerned about each other when they had matching fainting spells within 5 minutes of each other. It was weird; it almost seemed like they knew each other already. Again - maybe I made that up in my head. ANOTHER thing I keep wondering is what those Beardsleys are going to do on Lizzie's behalf. Jo is none too happy she's marrying Manfred - that is fo sho. So I wait - and I wonder. Isn't it exhilarating?!

ALSO - holy god - now that I know Jamie would have leveled John Grey had he taken him up on his offer for sex... oh my gosh. I am SO RELIEVED!!! That was something that stuck in my craw from the second John told Claire. As I've mentioned in the past - I've no issue with the homosexual aspect of it... I have an issue with Jamie Fraser even GOING THERE after what happened between Jack Randall and himself. So to hear him say it was a bluff made my ever-loving DAY. Seriously.


  1. Oooh--SOOOO glad you got to the "I'd have broken his neck" part! The minute I read that, I knew you would love it b/c you had such a problem with Jamie making the bodily offer to LJ. To me....hmmm. I did wonder for a second or two whether this added "level" was a response on DG's part to everyone who felt the way you did--maybe there was a large number of you. As you might remember, I didn't have as huge of an issue with Jamie making the offer for a number of reasons (they're somewhere in your original post on that event).

    Lizzie's sitch IS verra interesting, no? I swear, for being introduced as such a mouse originally, girlfriend's got a LOT of beaux!

  2. Great minds. Wondered the same thing about DG. Not so much did she add it to satisfy anyone but because she thought more about it later and wanted to clarify. Either way - I'm THRILLED that she did. It just made ZERO sense for Jamie to offer his body - to ANY man - after what he went through at Wentworth. It makes SO MUCH MORE SENSE to me now - like all the pieces of the puzzle now fit together perfectly.

    I still don't get Lizzie's character, other than being a catalyst to various events. I mean, how and why did DG come up with her? Way back in Drums, did she envision what's taking place now? I am so fascinated by what goes on in authors' minds and why they create the characters they do.

  3. TOTALLY agree with your feelings about Lizzie. As much as I love, adore DG I never, for the life of me, understood why she had the character of Lizzie. I just don't get it. I still don't get it. I've finished all of DG's books and Liz is the massive black sheep. What the heck?!!! Whenever Lizzie would come up I would revert back to being a two-year old and pout and sigh. WHY!? WHY?!

    But...maybe I'm jealous. Really, how did she get all the men? What's the secret?

    I'm okay now. Thanks for letting me vent.

  4. Hello, I was just browsing through and wanted to comment on Jamie offering his body to LJ in return for his care of William. I thought it was totally in character for Jamie to do this. Did he not offer Jack Randall his body in return for Jack letting Claire go at Wentworth? I hated that he offered both BJR and LJ his body, but if it would help anyone he loved I can see him doing it. He just thought that if LJ took him up on the offer;maybe he didn't want him caring for his son. Thanks for listening. I live in Outlanderland myself, and my family think I am crazy!

  5. Ms K - vent away. That's what we're here for! I am Queen Vent!

    BoosGirl AWESOME point about Jamie offering himself to Jack Randall! Never thought of it that way. I will say this - I don't think he fully comprehended what was going to happen to him with Jack Randall (how could any of us, right?) But you've still got a good point.

    Either way - I was just so happy to find out he had ulterior motives with his offer to LJG. It just made it easier for me to wrap my brain around the situation.

  6. Yup, agree that the BJR comparison is a good one. I think for Jamie, when it comes to protecting those he loves, there's pretty much nothing he won't do and nowhere he won't go.

    I found my original comment re: LJ and Jamie's body and am posting it here: The Jamie/John body offering/kiss thing. Yeah, I hear you. It was a bit disconcerting. But again--THINK OF THE IMPORTANCE OF THE FAVOR JAMIE WAS ASKING. He was asking Grey to be the father to his SON, for crying out loud. This was the most important, critical thing anyone could do for him. If he was willing to go that far to save Claire's life, of COURSE he'd be willing to go that far to ensure that the life of his son was safe and well-taken care of. Re: the kiss: like I emailed earlier, I think it showed how far Jamie had come in terms of homophobia. He was able to appreciate the depth of the other man's feelings--and even more, to realize that there was no cruelty or freakiness behind them, that they were genuine and destined to be unrequited always. And also, this was a HUGE thing that this man was doing for his son--something that Jamie knew he would NEVER, EVER be able to do himself. And lastly, like I said, I think the Highlanders are on the whole more demonstrative in general with people in that regard. There are at least a couple of instances of people kissing others on the mouth that they're not involved with, but are just based on strong feelings of the moment. I didna see the kiss as sexual, really--I saw it as an expression of depth of feeling. It really said something that Jamie was able to give Grey that gift, given everything that he had been through previously with Randall.

  7. But remember lassies - he had no intention of giving his body to LJG. It was a bluff. And that makes tons more sense to me. I guess maybe I just don't ever want to think about BJR/Wentworth ever again... so I don't even want to ponder the possibility of him offering himself to any man, not just LJG.

    Not sure that makes sense. But that's OK. I think we're all on the same page.