Sunday, February 28, 2010

She Moved Through the Fair

SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless you've read The Fiery Cross.

Oooofah! I just came up with a song/scene to beat the band.  I am loving "She Moved Thro' the Fair" - sung by Orla Fallon - for The Fiery Cross when Roger is hanged. Oh man it gives me chills. Let me set the scene (which is all in slow motion):

They're walking Roger to the trees to be hanged... and then you see Brianna smiling and talking with Jamie and Claire, thinking they're out of danger because the battle with the Regulators is over.

Then as Roger is dying... his life is flashing through his eyes... we see flashes from when he was a little boy... with his parents... and the Reverand... and him at Oxford... and then he lingers on one memory: the day he and Bree were at the Scots festival in Massachusetts. And they're laughing and talking and her hair is gorgeous in the sunlight... and we keep seeing the scene flashing from Bree smiling at the fair in her 20th century clothes - to Roger dying - to Bree smiling with her parents in her 18th century clothes, having no idea what is happening to Roger at that verra moment. Chills, chills and more chills!


  1. You're so right! This is haunting and beautiful and just right! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Jo - I heard it on Pandora and said "Oh this NEEDS to be on The Fiery Cross playlist right NOW!" Unfortch - they didna have that version on - so I used a good one from Mary Black.

    PS - I am cracking up at my usage of 21st century internet slang and 18th century Scots in the same sentence. I swear to god I have been talking this way lately. I cannot tell you how many times I go to say "verra" to someone and have to stop myself. My life reads like Outlander at this point!

  3. Love the song, Carol! I also really love your cinematographic descriptions of the scenes you imagine against the music. Sometimes I worry when I read about DG mentioning a screenplay, etc... (yes I know, I've completely dorked out over this series) bc I wonder about who's writing the script. I wish I could put in a vote that you be allowed to write/vet the script, Carol! Your music choices and descriptions of scenes are super evocative.
    Except of course, that this one made me so sad, imagining all the pain and hardship ahead for Roger as he loses that great gift of his voice (remember when they called him the thrush? booo!) Sob!

  4. Oh Sirena you flatter me! And I love it! :) Word on the street has been that Randall Wallace would be writing the screenplay (he wrote Braveheart)...but lately the talk is mini-series related... so we'll see what happens.

    Did you happen to see Dear John? Channing Tatum is the star of the movie and I recently read an interview where he said Randall Wallace wrote him a letter... and has since become his mentor. Ask Jenn, Shannon and Tracey - I spent days on end absolutely convinced that RW wanted Channing to play Jamie. We went to see the movie and I thought "Wow - if this guy could pull off a Scottish accent, I'd be happy as a clam. He's that good in the film. But.. alas... that's just another one of my little Outlander dreams...