Saturday, February 6, 2010

Starsky and Hutch Indeed

SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read until you have finished Chapter 102 in The Fiery Cross. 

Alright Lassies - I am stuck inside with a major blizzard outside. How awesome is that?? I can blog!

So Jamie, Claire, Roger, Bree, Marsali and the wee ones went off to Wilmington while Fergus went off to file the deeds. And of course the plan was for Jamie and Roger to play Starsky and Hutch (Shannon's description; love it!) and head off to Wylie's Landing for a little pistol-fun with Stephen Bonnet.

Only things went spectacularly wrong - as usual. They got jumped by Lillywhite and Anstruther who were there instead of Bonnet. (Foiled again!)

I always remember Anstruther's name because that is the neatest little town in Scotland that I've been lucky enough to visit. We waited in line for what seemed like hours to get fish-n-chips - and were told they are the best in all of Scotland. If you can confirm or deny, please let me know!

OK so after some roof-hanging... shed-hiding... ocean-swimming... Russian family acquaintance-making... and  marsh-crawling,  Jamie and Roger found each other again. They found Wylie (who had mysteriously crawled out of the bushes) and told him what was happening. I cannot TELL you how much I loved it when Wylie offered them his hospitality and Jamie was about to decline when Roger said "we'd be delighted" and "grabbed Jamie by the arm, steering him toward the shell-road before he could protest. There were times and places to be on your high horse, he supposed, but this wasn't one of them."

I LOVE the relationship that has formed between Roger and Jamie. They are polar opposites and sortof fit together to make one hell of a singing-warrior duo. Love love love it. Roger has gained so much confidence and is getting more and more comfortable telling Jamie what's what. And you can tell Jamie is happy, too... because Roger is taking initiative. Jamie is starting to see Roger as his equal... at least where the Lairding is concerned. The sword-fighting, not so much. ;)

Starsky and Hutch, indeed.


  1. I love the way the relationship between Jamie and Roger evolves over the course of the series. Jamie really makes a huge effort, in this book, to show that he respects Roger as a man, as "son of his house", as someone worthy of being married to his daughter (yes, OK, even if he's only a beginning sword-fighter! :-) )

    You're coming down to the final stretch now. More good stuff to come, I promise! Happy reading, and good luck digging out from the snowstorm!


  2. I hope that being snowed-in equals lots of uninterrupted reading time!

  3. Thanks Karen. You're so right about Jamie and Roger - and how Jamie is making such an effort to have a good relationship with Roger. He almost doesn't have to make an effort anymore, which is so amazing to watch unfold. When Jamie was "dying" of the snake bite and asked for Roger's hand when Claire was going to give him the injection, I almost lost it. So powerful, no?

  4. Ahhhh Jo! It has amounted to lots of Wii with the family!! LOL

  5. Yes, Carol, I agree. All very powerful moments. I loved them SO much!! The snakebite incident, the whole thing was so sad and cool at the same time :)

  6. Bonnie, I saw a show about snakes with poisonous venom yesterday... and looked at it in a totally different light than I would have before last week! :)

  7. In what way Carol? Are they more deadly than you imagined? Although they are pretty to look at sometimes, basicly they give me the heebie jeebies, lol. The only 'cool' part about the snake scene is how it brought Jamie and Roger closer than ever. And how they dealt with it medically.

  8. I am SO late to the game on this blog. It's almost embarrassing. Almost, but not enough for me to not comment when the urge hits. Carol, I didn't get to that town in Scotland, and I'm a vegetarian, so wouldn't have tried the fish and chips either way, but I did take a great trip to Scotland with a group from work, several of whom I introduced to the Outlander series. Anyway, I had re read the books before the trip, and The World's End Pub was one of those places I figured HAD to be a real place. I looked it up, told my fellow Outlander junkies, and as we pulled into Edinburgh, my friend Annette stands up on the bus and screams "Jeni! The World's End!" The non Outlander junkies, we'll call them dumbasses, looked at us like we were crazy. About 8 of us, who are awesome, had dinner at the World's End. Great pub, btw.