Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Guy's Take on the Outlander Series

Have to throw a big, ol' THANKS out there to Jo M. who sent me a link to a cool article entitled "My Outlander Thing" by Gavin McNett.

He wrote it in 1999 - and as such, had read up through Drums of Autumn at that point. He also mentions the Outlandish Companion. Haven't read the whole article - I'm going to do so now. I was just so excited about a MAN reading the series (my husband made it 1/2 way through Outlander due to what he considered a little too much dude-talk and not enough chick-talk) that I had to blog STAT!

PS - Beautiful Burns quote from the article caught my eye as it refers to heaven. That's twice tonight I've blogged about Diana and the heavens...

Misled by fancy's meteor ray,
By passion driven;
But yet the light that led astray,
Was light from heaven.


  1. My husband is currently 1/2 way through Drums of Autumn. I love that he is enjoying it and we can have that bond between us! Oh and he also enjoyed the Twilight series. Yeah...I have a good one :)

  2. My husband has read the whole series!! And he is now reading Echo!!! I love our Outlander discussions!! I am grateful to have him to talk about it with, and he always gives me the man's perspective, and sometimes it is not what I expected. Men look at things and interpret them in a whole different way. Very interesting!

  3. my husband would never read these, but i'm kind of glad about that. jamie's mine. heh.

    i have gotten a male coworker interested in reading them so it'll be interesting to get hi perspective.

  4. Andrea and Bonnie = luckyluckyLUCKY lasses!! ;-)

    Maryse: My hubby is not an Outlander kind of guy either. I do try to tell him some of the plot of various parts as I get to them. In his defense, he tries to keep the eye rolling and sniggering to a minimum, but has been know to, when I describe how nervous I am for Claire or Jamie at some part, yell out, "THEY'RE NOT REAL!!!" LOL.

  5. Andrea's hubby is my hero. TWILIGHT TOO!! That is excellent! My hub watched Twilight and said "It was pretty good; it was entertaining." I figured that was all I could hope for. He'll be watching New Moon when it comes out next month on DVD, too.

    The thing that kills me is that my husband is of Scottish descent (his grandfather was born and raised in Paisley) and his family is all about their Scottish pride. I know he'd love the books if he could just get past the Jamie descriptions in Outlander. As the series goes on, it's less about the splendor of every inch of Jamie's body and more about the battles and history and adventure and and and... ya know? I have been telling him the story and he's totally into it. We're up to Drums of Autumn (Why only Drums, you ask? Because I like to take my time about it, Aye?)

    Bonnie - your hubby is my hero, too! All the way to Echo! I haven't even gotten that far yet, and I have a blog! :)

    Maryse - I'm sure your hub is a good guy... and do let us know what your male coworker thinks! PS - totally thought "Marsali" when I saw your name.

    Tracey - when is the next family gathering? John and Tom can commiserate together. :)

  6. The gathering. LOOOORRRRRRD the gathering...

  7. I picked the series up off my mother when I was 13 and started reading it. I haven't looked back. Plus, my older sister reads them too but I think she is way, way behind. Recently, I went to a Diana Gabaldon book talk/signing in my city, and I think I was the only single male there (I have a feeling that many wives dragged their husbands along).

  8. [bowing down before Matthew] WE'RE NOT WORTHY!! WE'RE NOT WORTHY!!

    Seriously, that is awesome. I want to get a t-shirt that says REAL MEN READ OUTLANDER and wear it all the time at home. Maybe the hubby will get the hint. ;-)

  9. Matthew! Might I say WELCOME and thanks SO much for commenting and wearing your Outlander proudly. I keep telling my husband that he'd love it, once he gets past all the "Jamie's naked chest gleamed with sweat" in the first book. He listened to me telling the story of Drums and The Fiery Cross for more than an hour in the car yesterday - and he was riveted!

    Please keep commenting! We need a male opinion around here!

  10. I'm impressed! I know ONE man who's read all the series. I gave Outlander to one of my brother's and I don't think he took to it like I did. Meh.

    My husband doesn't read. Ohhh, the horror.

    I just recommended the series to a friend and she and her husband are going to listen to it...crossing my fingers!