Friday, February 12, 2010

9 Lives Indeed

SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless you've finished Chapter 13 in A Breath of Snow and Ashes.

OK so Claire is obsessing over bringing Lizzie's fever down and getting rid of Bobby's worms. BLECH. That story is so gross - and yet so fascinating. I canna WAIT to see what she does to rid Bobby of his parasites. I love all this gross Claire stuff!

Poor Jamie. My god, he is tormented by his past right now.  (The gross palm reader totally reminds me of that seer in Robin Hood with Kevin Costner. WHAT a great character she would be on screen.)  And now he's totally obsessed with having 9 lives... and how many of them he's actually plowed through. I feel like he and Claire are forgetting one - but so am I, apparently, because I canna think of it right now. Then again - I'd probably consider him having been close to death a number of times whereas he'd just "Mmmmmppphhhh!" about those situations and dismiss me with his hand.

And Roger taking Jemmy to Cross Creek? Sounds to me like a verra...VERRA bad idea. So bad I canna even stop to THINK about it. And what's with Bree being all "yeah whatEV - take him - I can't wait to play with my white phosphorus."

And here's a question. How does Ian just waltz on to Cherokee lands with the hair of a settler... but Mohawk dots on his face? How is THAT going to go down? (Rhetorical - please do not answer as I havena gotten there yet!) I canna imagine too great. Jamie best bring an extra keg of whiskey along with him.

And speaking of Ian... I am chomping at the bit to find out what happened to him with the Mohawk. And where his wife and baby are. It seems so obvious that they're dead... but something tells me that is for a reason. I have this sneaking suspicion - no, downgrade that to a possible notion - that Emily and their baby might just waltz on to Fraser's Ridge in the coming months and be all "What up, Dawg?" Can you imagine? oooooh.... Lizzie would NOT be happy. Then again - how do I know WHAT Lizzie would be when she's always up shivering in her room... or off making beer with Mrs. Bug!  I am going to start a "Let's Get to Know Lizzie!" campaign pretty soon... because she's the most fascinating non-character I've ever seen!!!


  1. Re: Jamie's nine lives--I think he caught them all, no? He counted ax in the head, BJR incident, post-Culloden, Wee Ho shooting, and snakebite, right? I canna think of any he left out--unless we haven't learned about something from his past...

    Re: Bree--sigh. You'd think that with the whole "your parents are going to die in a fire" deal that she's got going, she'd maybe think twice about playing with highly flammable chemicals too near the Big House, no? One would think....

    Re: Wee Ian--I dinna think he has that much trouble hanging with the Cherokee--don't forget that even before he went Mohawk, he had a lot of Indian friends and often disappeared with them for days on end. I would think that if anything, he'd be the icebreaker for Jamie...although Jamie IS Bear-Killer...

  2. Aye, wee Lizzie. Who would suspect the canny brain under the flyaway blonde hair?
    Young Ian just breaks my heart. So much hardship and sorrow in his life. He gets somewhat of a break in this book.

  3. What's really interesting to me is how motherly I feel toward the character of Ian. When he came back and said he was staying for good, I sobbed like a baby because I felt like the Prodigal Son had come home. But at the same time, I am totally on board with Jamie and his respect for the fact that Ian is a man who makes his own choices. I guess it's just easy to remember the wee lad he once was.

  4. Hi Carol and Tracey,
    I'm so late to the party but a great fan of this blog and your youtube videos. Just putting in my 2 cents here but I must have missed something. Why isn't anyone questioning why the newspaper article says that Jaimie and Claire have no surviving children. Wouldn't the author of this article know about Bree? What happened to Bree that the newspaper would say no surviving children?

    1. No worries, Scarlet!! We don't work on any kind of timeframe around here! :) Unfortunately, it's been a while since I read it...but you are making a great point that I am hoping Tracey or someone else has an answer to??

    2. Hi Carol and Tracey. I was also wondering the same thing about the article. A theory swirling in my head is that somehow Roger kills Stephen Bonnet or (I dread even thinking it) Bonnet kills Roger and Bree must flee with Jem, since we know now that he can also travel through the stones.