Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"No Spoilers" Reminder

Each book review entry states what chapter I'm on - and in which book. Please remember not to post any spoilers in the comments section. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


  1. Now THAT is Jamie Fraser 100% **sigh**

  2. Yeah I read some of the comments from your previous post and I thought to myself..."uh oh...she's not going to want these spoilers!"

  3. I've been searching everywhere for this! Finally I found it on Google.

    Thank you!

    [url=]read on[/url]

  4. FOUR - I am sure I credited that early on in the blog - but I canna remember where it came from. Isn't he ridiculously gorgeous? I don't even care if he looks like he came off the cover of a Harlequin!

    Andrea - I saw something today and it's OK because I always read the comments with "one eye shut", just in case. So although I saw a place name, I have no idea why it is being brought up. I called my sister and she said it's a spoiler but we've somewhat danced around it in the past (my words, not hers) so I'm not upset. I am intrigued. Luckily I immediately forced myself to forget the rest of the comments. LOL

    We all get so excited when we talk about the series - it is really easy to forget and slip. I totally understand that. I've done it too.

    Melodie - you're welcome!

  5. Actaully I was talking about another spoiler....maybe you didn't catch it. I guess we'll keep it at that :)

  6. Carol--is there a way to input comments in different colors? Cause that way, people could comment on POSSIBLE spoilers by writing in white text, which the reader would then have to highlight to be able to read.

    I ask b/c I might need to have some side conversations with people like Andrea!! ;-)

  7. Andrea - I pray I didn't catch it. I saw something last week and freaked out - but Tracey assured me it was from book 1. I am starting to wonder if it was just a good cover on her part!

    Tracey - not sure - I'll have to check third party/widgets to see if I can do that. Blogger doesn't offer it directly.