Sunday, February 7, 2010


SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read until you have finished Chapter 107 in The Fiery Cross.

Dear Claire,  

Can't you get Bree to invent air conditioning and maybe some ice pops for you? I mean really. Has she nothing better to do than bake bread and change clouts? Doesn't she know it's dangerous for you to be hanging off window sills whilst fornicating, just to get a little air?!?

PS - Can I borrow Jamie for a few hours? I've got a ceiling fan that needs fixing. :)


  1. Five words: HOTTEST. SCENE. IN. THE. BOOK.

    Hot on SOOOOOO many levels. Hot in the "Jamie still thinks Claire is hot even tho she's hot flashing out the wazoo" sense. Hot in the "Jamie smells Claire up and down like Pepe Le Pew" sense ("oh, ye made pickles--good I like them" makes me giggle every time). And hot in that THEY ARE DOING IT IN A FRIGGIN WINDOW SILL sense. Good lord, can you tell I love that scene?

  2. Agree Tracey totally HOT. One of my favorites

  3. Agree on all counts. What did he say, Parfum de amor? The only thing that kept me from TOTALLY enjoying it was the fear that ROGER was going to see them from outside where he was walking with a wailing Jemmy!!!! Can you imagine? "Lookie Daddy! Gran-da! Grannie! Win-dow! Nak-ed!"

  4. YES! YES! YES! Love this scene to bits. It will go down in my hall of fame hot Jamie and Claire hot scenes. Oh my... I actually didn't get that Claire was having hot flashes until you just mentioned it, but of course it makes sense. And Carol I agree, surely Bree should have invented air conditioning or at the very least an electric fan - in fact didn't she invent electricity altogether? Lol

    P.S. How long is Jemmy going to continue nursing? Good grief!