Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hey, Mrs Wilson!

SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless you have read chapter 39 in A Breath of Snow and Ashes.

Wow I havena posted in quite a while, sassenachs.  I do apologize! Let's get this party STARTED!

So Fergus is verra sad because Henri Christian is a dwarf... and in the 18th century, life was horrendous for someone like him. He is also feeling sorry for himself because his hook leaves nothing but woman's work for him to do - and he has zero intention of changing or feeding any of the bairns. That leaves him no choice but to make a meager living translating for those on the Ridge (or beyond) who speak French. Boyfriend needs a trust fund.

Ian has now informed Marsali (and the ever-eavesdropping Claire) that Emily had a baby girl who died in childbirth. That is all we know - for now. I'm curious as to the whereabouts of Emily at this point.

Amy - one of the widows on the Ridge (whose husband brought her here with the bairns and then up and died on her whilst fixing the roof) - asked Roger to come and help her because she thought there was a devil in the pail of milk on her kitchen table. Turns out it was a frog. I'm wondering why she didna know this? Could it be that she is trying to use her feminine wiles on Roger to land herself some 20th century minty freshness? Only time will tell. For now she seems like a nice enough girl but a) Diana doesna write nice books and b) poor Roger is always hounded by one type of demon or another.

Mrs. Wilson died and an absolutely HILARIOUS non-wake wake ensued. I have not HOWLED this hard since reading Jamie's reaction when Bonnie Prince Charlie's mistress shaved her "honeypot". Holy COW it was funny when she sat her ass right up in the coffin and Jamie ended up holding on to her...and she was yelling at Hiram because he was too cheap to pay for a proper wake. Oh hell it was funny. My husband said "What are you laughing at?!" I was truly LOL.

OK more to come. I have to break off here or y'all might start yawning...


Tracey R. said...

Fergus. Sigh. HEAVY sigh. On the one hand, we get soooooo much more Fergus in ABOSAA than in Drums and Fiery Cross combined, which is a good thing. On the other hand, we are privy to just how bad things have gotten for him re: self esteem. That scene with Fergus and Claire in the stable just about broke my heart--it's so sad to see our Fergus, who used to be so charmingly wiley, in a position of such despair.

Ian--arguably the most fascinating character in the book. Tho I have to say that I have had just about enough of Outlander characters battling wolves. One can only hope that Echo is a wolf-free zone. LOVE in that Ian/Marsali scene how when Ian mentions that he had a child, Marsali's all casual, like, "hmm, really coz? That's nice. You can tell me--or not. Whatevs," but really inside she's like HOLY SHIT HE'S TOTALLY GOING TO TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED." I have to say that I officially love Marsali. My goodness, what a transformation from the bratty lass we met in Voyager!!

Oh, and I think I peed a little at Roger and his "minty freshness." ROFLMAO.

Karen Henry said...

My favorite part of the Mrs. Wilson episode is watching Jemmy's reactions throughout the whole thing. Just priceless. And this is one of the funniest scenes in the whole book, IMHO.

And yes, Marsali turned out very well, didn't she?


Unknown said...

Karen: Did you really post at 3:02 am? Girl ~ you gotta get some sleep! :0

I tried your instructions on posting a link and totally failed. Thank you for your help ~ I'll try again and pray it works.

Carol: Roger = minty freshness, indeed!


Karen Henry said...

Laura - no, of course I didn't post at 3 am! This page is evidently set up to tag all comments with Pacific time, because it's noon here in Raleigh, NC, and the time on this comment says 9 am. <shrug>

FWIW, I am not like Diana, who routinely (as in, just about EVERY night) is up and working between 1 am and 4 am. Writing. And posting on Compuserve. And making perfect sense, even if it IS the middle of the night. I have no idea how she does it.

In the unlikely event I'm up at 3 am, I would be very very unlikely to draw attention to that fact by posting something in public. And I wouldn't be posting anything that made sense, either. :-)

On the other hand, I'm often online between 6 and 7 am ET, before I leave for work. That's when I posted those comments today.


Unknown said...

What got me about the Mrs. Wilson scene was the "sin eater." They are on The Ridge which all belongs to Jamie and in walks this man whom Claire nor Jamie have never seen before. Claire is strangely drawn to him and it's said that his eyes were like hers! Who is this guy? Is he a relative of her's or another time traveler? The man is never mentioned again and don't even think his name was mentioned. He really piques my interest!

Melissa Clark said...

The Sin Eater is mentioned again though, isn't he Donna? He's the one whose gerrrrms Malva gathered to sicken Claire and Tom. I agree that he's an interesting character, though. The way he was described made me wonder about just who really he was, too.

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