Friday, February 12, 2010


SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless you have finished chapter 14 in A Breath of Snow and Ashes.


I have not been THIS PISSED since the incident with the PROSTITUTES in France!!! What is this BULLSHIT about Jamie SLEEPING WITH TWO NAKED INDIAN WOMEN?!?!?

I couldn't give a RAT'S ASS that he didn't have sex with them. He let TWO NAKED INDIAN WOMEN SLEEP IN HIS BED!!!!!!!  Just because it's RAINING?!? OH I don't THINK SO, BOYFRIEND. Get their asses ON THE FLOOR where they BELONG!!!

Please do not even ATTEMPT to tell me "Oh he couldn't pass up their hospitality". Please. Just don't even go there.

Where is Mr. I-Can't-So-Much-as-Sleep-on-the-Floor-of-a-Woman-I'm-Not-Married-to?????
Where is Mr. Honor and Ethics????
Where is JOE CATHOLICISM???????




Jennet said...

I believe it is time for an intervention. Step away from the book and take a deep breath. If it makes you feel better, close your eyes and envision Jamie politely escorting the women out and telling them never to darken his bed again. "I am a marrit man!"

Amy said...

MWAHAHAHAHA!!! I just re-read the Paris prostitute scene again, and I have to say that Claire was waaaaay to easy on him. I'm with you on this, too. :-)

Tracey R. said...

<3 Jennet!! That was my exact advice to Carol after I received multiple texts/emails telling me to call her b/c it was an EMERGENCY! LOL




Jesus H. Roosevelt CHRIST, lasses. I thought Carol had gotten to CRITICAL PARTS OF PART 4 when I got this email from her: "I need you to call my ass the second you are able. Email will not cut it." And I was ready to grab my cell and run upstairs to the office bathroom no one ever uses to call her and talk her down when I realized she was only talking about Jamie and naked squaws. THIS part is a cakewalk compared to what's ahead!

Unknown said...

Tracey ~ you are, I think, probably the best sister ever!

Tracey R. said...

<3 Laura too!

Oh who am I kidding-- <3 every single one of you lasses who comment!! :-)

lesley said...

hi carol
jennet,s right, breathe in 234, and out 234 :-) and relaxxxxxx and keep reading . better now ? lol
-heres an idea lassies ..
when book 8 gets here!! how about an outlander retreat, a few days away somewhere fabulous, where we can all sit and read it together with no distractions ie housework, jobs,kids,other halves etc and then discuss it chapter by chapter.

Purgatory Carol said...

You guys all rock - especially my mentor. :)

Lesley I love that idea! Just the part about having no distractions... my god... it would be heaven!!! Tracey keeps telling me I have to read Part 4 with no distractions and I'm thinking "How am I going to do that???" I'll be saying I'm at the Shoprite and parked in the parking lot, reading! LOL!!

Purgatory Carol said...

PS - have not changed my mind one BIT about Jamie - sleeping - naked - with naked squaws. I am still so annoyed even after reading two more chapters. There he is in bed with Claire - and all I'm thinking is "Come clean, bud. Come clean now and nobody gets hurt." LOL I canna believe (some of) the shit that troubles this guy - versus (some of) the stuff he can just completely blow off. I suppose I should be saying "18th century...18th century...18th century.." But honestly. How would he feel if Claire did that to him? Hell she can't even... wait... what am I doing? I've got to BLOG THIS! ;)

Cathy said...

I love reading this stuff. You guys are wonderful. I am planning a girlfriend weekend with my Outlander bud and we will puruse all of Carols latest Outlander upset. I am on an additional Outlander reading go round to support 2 new converts and I plan to get them to the discussion sites in short order.

Purgatory Carol said...

Oooh Cathy. That sounds like fun. I get together with my Outlander buds on Thursdays to discuss - but we've been threatening to do a weekend gathering for a while. Nothing better than discussing Jamie and Claire over a glass of vino!

Bonnie said...

HAHA! Carol, I've done that many times while reading this series!! I parked in the BiMart parking lot to read undisturbed. I've even told my husband I was going shopping to get some quiet time in. My book was ever present, and what ever I did, I looked forward to the quiet time in the car afterward, LOL!! Of course NOW my husband is a big fan....but still, I like the quiet time :)

Purgatory Carol said...

I love it, Bonnie! My other favorite is "Oh I might as well just wait for ____ (offspring of choice) to get finished _____ (activity of choice) instead of coming home and going back to pick them up. See you in an hour!" OH yeah. Been there - done that. AND I once caught a neighbor reading HER book in HER car in the parking lot!!! SO funny! Great minds!