Friday, February 12, 2010

Alternate Outlander Discussion

If you want to discuss anything in A Breath of Snow and Ashes or An Echo in the Bone (or ANY of the Outlander books) go on over to the Outlander Book Club - a FANTASTIC SITE where they have discussions about ALL of the books - listed BY book!


Unknown said...

Carol ~

Thanks for mentioning and recommending OBC. :)

We are, right now, on chapter 3 of our in-depth, chapter-by-chapter discussion of ECHO (one chapter/week). We also started a less-formatted chapter-by-chapter discussion of ABOSAA (because I'm in the midst of a re-kilt). Our individual book forums are always open for spoiler-free discussion. But do take heed: there are several forums which are not spoiler free, but these are clearly designated in our Spoiler Policy. (Our moderators work very hard to keep those forums designated as spoiler-free... well, spoiler free!)

Just like here at your wonderful blog: We LOVE a good discussion.


Purgatory Carol said...

Thanks, Laura. At some point I will have to sit down and link to my blog entries by book.

Unknown said...

Carol ~ We'd love that! Let me think on where and how best to place them within each book thread for maximum exposure. I'll email you with suggestions.

Purgatory Carol said...

Awesome Laura, thanks. :)