Thursday, July 1, 2010

Get a Free Audio Book!

"My Outlander Purgatory" friend JENNIFER let us in on some serious scoop: is offering a FREE audio book... no credit card required! And guess what book is on the list you can pick from? That's right - OUTLANDER by Diana Gabaldon! (You know, the book I just paid iTunes $29.95 for last week? Yeah! THAT one!)

Hurry up! You have to order by FRIDAY 7/2 at 11:59PM.



  1. I got mine and I'm totally enjoying it! Although I don't know if I'm a super big fan of the way things are emphasized(?) sometimes. But it’s still great!

  2. Carol- that sucks! Sorry you had to pay $30 bucks for it! BTW- just sent a pic to you via email. So funny!

  3. Got mine yesterday! Thanks to the sharp eyed reader who found that special. Hope you're able to get credit back from I-tunes.

  4. Thanks to the Alert Reader who let us know about this. I canna get it into my MP3, but I'll make do with it in the wee laptop.

  5. Angie, no worries because I have to admit - it's worth every penny. :)

    Terry - why not? Is it a space issue? Or directions? If it's directions, we'll figure it out!

    Erin I live-chatted with Audible and the guy had zero sympathy. He told me they have a contract with iTunes and they'd have to credit me. I didn't even bother. I was a corporate gal for 8 years; I know how it works. Oh well. As I told Angie, it's been worth every penny. I'm enjoying the hell out of my re"read".

    Megs - I know. Sometimes I'm a little "meh" at the pronunciations, etc. But it's great to sit back and listen. I feel like I have to do less work.