Monday, July 12, 2010

Redeeming Qualities

First off - if you commented in the "What Did They Know" post, please go check out my comments. I just spent like 5 million centuries replying - to the point where Google almost shut me down for my lengthy response - and I'd hate it if no one even saw my replies! Sorry I'm a few days late. I just got a new computer (yey me! I love you, Apple!) and it's been a busy few days (Tracey was here over the weekend! More on that in a few...)

OK so I had to share a little story. Thanks to Melissa for reminding me. We've been discussing Dougal lately... and Melissa made the comment "how bad is he? How good is he?" And it got me thinking about a little online commentary I had some years ago with one of the greatest actors on the planet (who happens to be born and raised in Scotland) Dougray Scott. I was taking part in a chat a few days after Mission Impossible II came out... and he was talking about his character, Sean Ambrose.... and how every character has some "redeeming qualities". Well - if you've ever seen Mission Impossible II,  you'll know that if Sean Ambrose has any redeeming qualities, we certainly NEVER SEE THEM in the film. So of course, big mouth that I am, and not one to feel it necessary to walk on eggshells around a Hollywood actor in order to spare his feelings, I pipe up and say: "What redeeming qualities does Sean Ambrose have??"  to which Mr. Scott replies "I knew SOMEONE was going to ask that" or something of that nature. He then went on to throw out an answer which I forget at this point... most likely because I disagreed with it entirely. LOL Now let me be perfectly clear; I LOVES me some Dougray Scott. He is one of the most fantastic actors of our generation and he's married to that gorgeous creature, Claire Forlani. He can play the most ridiculously amazing range of characters I've ever seen. I won't wax on (much longer) but let me say this - if you have any interest in his career - rent "Twin Town", "Enigma",  "Ever After" and "Ripley's Game" to see what I'm talking about. Oh and "The Truth About Love" - totally cute chick flick (although my husband thought it was cute, too). Skip "Dark Water" and his stint on "Desperate Housewives" - not because he wasn't good - but because his accent wasn't stellar in either. Dougray Scott is one of those actors like Gerard Butler: FOR GOD'S SAKE let them use their HEAVENLY SCOTS ACCENTS!  It should be a crime, punishable by law for any Hollywood mogul to allow otherwise.  At the very least, limit them to English if not Scottish. But not American (or snooty English like in D. H.) LORDDDDDD DO NOT let them use American accents. NO ONE wants to hear that - whether they do a good one or not! Let them speak Scots.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Oops. No, it isn't. One more thing.... Dougray Scott is on my short list to play Dougal, y'all. And that's a very SHORT list. Check this out:


  1. So where's the promised part about me? It's all about me and MY redeeming qualities, you know. Me me me. ME ME ME!!!

    LOL seriously, Dougray's comment is definitely a bit of actor-speak, IMO. If you're playing a character, you HAVE to believe that the character's actions are being done for a purpose--and obviously, one that the character believes is going to have benefits, either for him/herself or for someone else. Let's face it--no matter how cruel, heartless, sadistic, etc. a character is, through the eyes of THAT CHARACTER, the actions he or she takes are done so for a reason that's less about "I need to be a doosh" and more about "I need to accomplish/gain/benefit from xyz." Unless you are talking BJR--in that case, his need to be a doosh is PART of the gain--LOL.

  2. BJR's "need to be a doosh" (as you so marvelously put it!) may just be genetic, Tracey. I'm just thinkin' out loud... DK

  3. I'm pickin' up what you're puttin' down, Diane. And I'm LIKIN' IT!

    Tracey - I think we'll discuss our weekend in chat. :)