Thursday, July 29, 2010

We Interrupt this Outlander Blog... talk for a moment about The Pillars of the Earth, which I finally watched last night.

YOW. SA!!!  I could not BELIEVE how much of that book I forgot. There are so many storylines - and all I really remembered was Tom Builder and Ellen. Holy COW! 

I have to say - I truly enjoyed it. I really liked Rufus Sewell as Tom Builder - even though I pictured him completely differently (Kevin McKidd from the second he was mentioned, actually). I was a little confused at Ellen. I expected the character to be played in a much more sultry and seductive way. The actress - Natalia Worner - was very good (holy crap when she peed on the table I thought I'd die) but just not what I was expecting. And hello? Did someone forget the scene in the woods between Tom Builder and Ellen??? How could they omit that? I am wondering if it will be a flashback.

Hayley Atwell - aka Aliena - was awesome. Perfect casting.

Donald Sutherland - her father, Bartholomew - equally as riveting. But then, when is Donald Sutherland not awesome? (I can hear Tracey saying "He's the father of Jack Bower! Of COURSE he's riveting!")

I am looking forward to - yikes - tomorrow already?! I can't believe how much of the book they shoved into one two hour episode!

Biggest actor surprise of the night? Matthew MacFadyen - Prior Phillip - aka MR DARCY in PRIDE AND PREJUDICE!!! You could have knocked me over with a feather when I put that together in my brain (with a little help from IMDB, of course!)


  1. Hello Everyone, I am a new poster but not a new follower.I love reading all your posts. You are friendly, funny women. I am an Outlander Addict. Thank you for being here. (kind of sounds like AA but it is OA)
    I am at the point where I am reading Pillars because I cant read anything else. Tried other books after all of Outlander but they just dont cut it.So far Pillars is doing the job. Really kind a getting into it. Still,in the back of my mind I am missing our guy. WTF, why does it affect us so?

  2. I lasted an hour before giving up. There are just TOO many storylines to keep track of--for some reason, while I didn't have a problem with that in the book, I just couldn't mentally deal with it on TV.

    It did feel that they packed the first 100 pages into maybe 15 minutes. You're right, there was a BIG Tom/Ellen scene in the woods that didn't happen at all.

    And yes, Donald Sutherland rules. And not just because he spawned Jack Bauer :-)

  3. i read pillars years ago and i didn't remember anything. it's obvious i'm going to have to reread it.

  4. Pillars was my fav book until Outlander. I loved the first episode! I think they did a really great job even though they did leave out the bit with Ellen and Tom.....

    I, too, pictured Tom differently... but I like Rufus :-)

    Mel - I agree. My Outlander Purgatory has been a great find for me. I can now connect with awesome ppl who love the books as I do. I used to feel so alone in my world of addiction....

    Sadly, I have not found ANY series that is on the level of Outlander. Jamie has become a part of my DNA and I've just learned to accept it :-)

  5. Random- but I am in the middle of Into the Wilderness and IT IS AWESOME. I havna been able to put it down!! Give this book a try if you are trying to find something to read.

    If you loved Outlander, you will definitely love Into the Wilderness!

  6. I've heard of Into the Wilderness but couldnt find it when I wanted it. So started Pillars since it was coming on TV. I'm really glad that you like tho book Megs, give me something to look forward to reading.

  7. I've been wanting to read this book, but as I'm consumed with Outlander, well...
    I was thrilled tonight that I was able to watch the first two episodes free on a STARZ preview I really liked it! Also, right before there was a making of special. Very cool!

  8. Random- I thought this was a fun read on Stone Circles.|hp-laptop|dl6|link1|

  9. Mel - you are most welcome at My Outlander Purgatory! Pillars is awesome. I missed Friday but plan to watch it tonight. I am just biding my time until Book 8 comes out. Thank god for a series like Pillars though - it keeps the addiction demons at bay... for a little while. ;)

    Maryse - I was like that during episode one. "Huh??" "Whaa?" But after a while it came back to me. What's funny is that a few times I actually got confused between that and Outlander. The later stuff with Jack?? Totally got it confused with Jamie for some reason!

    ooh Megs - I'll try it!

    Patti I didn't know there was a making of until I went to watch ep 1 and saw the last few seconds.

    Thanks Angela!! I'll go try that right now!

  10. I am all caught up on Pillars as of an hour or so ago. Wow! It is awesome!
    Tracey, I know what you're saying, I was confused during the first hour too and wondered how I kept all the storylines straight in the book...but hang in there! Its totally worth it! (Oh, and so is demanding we get Starz just for this mini-series event alone)
    Can't wait till next Friday! :)

  11. I know I'm going to be addicted to it after watching the first two episodes for FREE and then have to order STARZ. :)