Monday, July 26, 2010

Outlander REread: The Perfect Storm

SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless you have read OUTLANDER or CROSS STITCH. 

Sigh. I am in the thick of it now, lassies. Jamie's been gone for a while... Claire has been singing for her supper with Murtagh.... and I've been surrounded by the vast cloud of nothingness that is Jamie's absence. I knew it was coming - but it's been hard to deal with. Kindof like when you're headed into NYC via either the Lincoln or Holland Tunnel and you know it's going to be uncomfortable for the next few minutes... but you hit traffic and it ends up being ten times worse than you were expecting.

And now I'm at Wentworth - trying to bust Jamie out with Claire - headed down the stairway toward the torture chamber. In "Perfect Storm" language, I'm "headed right for the middle of the monster."

But there is a light in all this darkness. And that light goes by the name of Dougal MacKenzie.  Holy crap - I wasn't expecting what I got in the cave. I don't know why I thought Dougal was so horrible in that scene. A little smarmy - yes. A little shifty, of course. But he really had feelings for Geilie! Claire said she could tell from his reaction to her comments about her being dead (forgive me - I don't remember the exact phrase - but I believe it involved a "hint of a look of sadness" or something of that nature.) And yes - Dougal suggested Claire come home with him - but I canna necessarily blame him, ken? He expects Jamie to kick it in a matter of days, if not sooner, and he doesna think there is a thing he can do about it.  And Claire is one fine piece of 20th century tail.  Bottom line - I truly have to say I believe him. I think he cares - but thinks all hope is lost - and figures that life goes on. And I'll admit it - if Jamie had never been in the picture.... hmm.... seeing as my Dougal MacKenzie is Dougray Scott... weeeeeelllll... I canna say I'd have turned him down.

Sooooo.... I am looking forward to listening to this section... and I'm terrified to keep going.... but I know I must. That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

(And leads us to the promised land - aka - THE SULFUR SPRING!!!)


  1. On a semi-relate note:

    SPOILER if you haven't read through chapter 32 of Breath of Snow and Ashes.

    So I just listened to the part where Jamie wakes up from the dream (two nights after rescuing Claire) where he sees Black Jack...and Black Jack call's Jamie "my heart's desire". I nearly got into a car accident.

    He's so creepy, and icky, and I'm surprised Jamie didn't have to stand at the window all night to get past it!

  2. I'm an addict to the Outlander Series. Have read and reread all books and any available excerpts. I think Dougal always had a "lusting" for Claire - remember he even kissed her at the gathering for payment after saving her from the "younger" clansmen.

  3. I'm an addict to the Outlander Series. Have read and reread all books and any available excerpts. I think Dougal always had a "lusting" for Claire - remember he even kissed her at the gathering for payment after saving her from the "younger" clansmen.

  4. I think Dougal only loves one person... himself. And imho I think the "hint of sadness" was in loosing the money that Geilie was bringing to the cause, not for the lose of Geilie herself.

    P.S. I've been reading these books for about 15 years (I've lost count of how many times I've re-read them). I can usually discuss the first 4 without having to pick them up for a re-read!!

  5. Yeah, even though I'm only on my first read, I rememeber taking a whole day to read that part, knowing that I wouldn't be able to go to sleep or funtion if Jamie wasn't alive.
    I also remember how creepy Jack was.
    My mom and I were on the floor laughing and saying "EW!" when we listened to the samples for the musical and Jack says to Jamie:
    "Say the words... I love you"
    haha soooo creepy!
    But I love me a good villain, it makes Jamie seem all the more lovely!

  6. Carol--I agree with you about Dougal in the cave. I can't really blame him for what he did. It was a little slimy, but I have a soft spot for Dougal (in fact, while I love love love Jamie, if it were ME in the book, Dougal would be more my type than Jamie), so I think I look past that slimy side a bit. We know he always had some sort of hots for Claire, so why not suggest she come live with him? She was about to lose her husband, and he had lost a wife and a mistress. Logical in many ways. But OF COURSE, it's a good thing Claire wasn't having it--'cause the crazy bitch (said with love) got Jamie back! Yay yay yay! (But still, as I've said in a past comment, I would have loved to see more of Dougal in the series. It was a shame he died at Culloden. He was hot.)

  7. Ok, sorry that this is somewhat unrelated... But, while walking on the treadmill, my husband was flipping channels and he briefly stopped on TNT. After getting a glance at Jared Padaleski (although I didn't know his name at the time) I nonchalantly said, what show is this?

    So, he’s on a show called Supernatural, has anyone watched it? I’ve never seen it- except the 2 seconds I saw this little hottie… And, I think that he has THE BEST “Fraser cat eyes” I’ve ever seen. Oh, and a super hot Jamie body. Obviously the nose is wrong, but I just wanted to share some links with you, see if you agree about the body and the Fraser cat eyes?

    Here are 2 'body' pictures:

    Here's a good 'cat eye' picture:

    I think I may have to start watching this show…

  8. OMG (said Oh Em Gee) I love some of these comments so much I want to take them to the junior prom and keep them out too late.

    Jo - I know. I KNOW! I spent all day yesterday in a funk because I listened to the Wentworth scenes. UGH. DRAGONFLY IN AMBER SPOILER ALERT: I am so ANNOYED at Claire for giving Jamie a hard time for wanting to kill him. Girlfriend should stop worrying about the future and let the present (ugh - which is also the past) HAPPEN. How could she want Jack Randall breathing after knowing what he did to Jamie?? Sorry Frank. And hey - if Frank never existed than you don't have to worry about having left his sorry historian ass in the FIRST place!

    Anonymous: Totes agree. Dougal wanted Claire from Day 1 and I canna blame him. She was a fine piece of 20th century arse. He knows a good thing when he sees it!

    Sara - you make a good point about Dougal only loving himself - and that maybe it's possible he only wanted Geilie for the money. I guess I'm going off the commentary Claire made when she talked about Geilie dying; she said there was a flicker of sadness on his face (paraphrasing).

    Miranda - again - totally agree. I canna stand the thought of Jamie and Jack SINGING to each other. Or about each other. Or near each other. I just can't wrap my head around that thought at all.

    Melissa: "Cause the crazy bitch (said with love)" just truly MADE MY DAY! Absolutely hilarious. And TOTALLY agree - (Dragonfly and Drums spoiler alert): I hated that Dougal died. I wished he could have continued through the series. Can you imagine him in the US?? Visiting The Ridge?!? HAHAHAHAHA!

    Megs - YES YES YES YES YES YES YESSSSSSS!! (screamed like Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally).
    I have said that about Jared P before. I either blogged or maybe I just emailed Tracey, Jenn M and Shannon. Cat eyes - big guy (6'5"), long, straight nose, good actor, could possibly do both young and older Jamie. Only one issue - can he do an accent? I ultimately want a Scot for the role. But it's fun to find new possible actors and he's on my short list. He can do funny and endearing and tough - all at the same time.

  9. Megs--I'm in love! Jared Padaleski is my new lust object for the week. (I say week because it literally changes every week. Sigh. What's a woman to do with so many hunky men in the world?!)

  10. Carol--speaking of Dougal being present in America on Fraser's Ridge: "Toto, we aren't in Kansas anymore!" Hahaha. Too many wonderful possibilities!

  11. LOL Melissa. I'm picturing Dougal - fully clad in clan attire - walking onto the Ridge, holding hands with the munchkins. LOL!!!