Thursday, July 29, 2010

So You Think You Can Play Jamie Fraser?!

Tracey came up with a reality show idea that is PRICE. LESS. Luvs it! She posted it in the comments section but I think it warrants a full blog entry. The following is what she came up with. 

PS - I want to be a judge!

OK, lassies, I have refined the idea for the show (which is now going by "So You Think You Can Play Jamie Fraser?") It will be a cross between American Idol/Dancing with the Stars and Project Runway/Top Chef.

• There's a host and four judges. HERSELF, as we've determined, is head judge. Maybe the movie screenwriter (whoever that may be) is second judge. Still haven't determined the third judge. Then there's the special guest MOP judge, which features a rotating cast from our own ranks.

• The search begins with casting calls in three-four cities, like on American Idol. (Edinburgh is one of those cities.) That's where we have the first few eps that feature the auditions of bad, laughable Jamies.
From these auditions, the field is narrowed to maybe 20 potential Jamies.

• Now it turns more Project Runway-y. Each week, the Jamies have some sort of challenge they have to complete, with the judges getting rid of one Jamie per week. (I canna decide if America should also vote--maybe that starts happening when we get to the top five Jamies.)

• After the final challenge--voila, we have our Jamie!!!!

So whaddya think some appropriate Jamie challenges might be?


  1. Lol! What a wonderful idea!
    I think one of the challenges should be the practicing and correct pronounciation of "Sassenach!"

    Maren, Germany

  2. Great Tracey!


    ~Putting on your own kilt.

    (and possibly the other kilt that needs to be pleated before put on and that you supposedly have to lay down to put on, according to Roger Mac, except for Jamie who can do it standing up.)

    ~Dressing in full higlander get-up.

    ~riding a Big A** horse, while shooting a pistol and holding a Claire look-alike in front of you on the horse. I'm thinking something like the cover of the GN.

    ~blinking like an owl.

    ~Speaking the gaelic.

  3. OMJ this is such an awesome idea.

    -How about how many drinks he can hold? Maybe while murmuring in the guest judges ear. ;)

    -How fast can he reload a pistol. know what just make the murmuring a challenge in itself.

  4. I think that, they think that they've already found a Jamie. The guy for the musical version. Allan Scott-Douglas. He's got auburn hair and he's 6'3". So not only does he do the singing but he also fits the profile - well, they think so!!! what do we think of that lassies?????

  5. Apropos of nothing...Anonymous' comment of "fits the profile" TOTALLY made me think of The Brady Bunch where Greg is Johnny Bravo. Guess Allan S-D "fits the suit." I am howling...

  6. So, how masochistic (Jamie learned that word) is the show going to be?

    Do the contestants have to endure bone setting, large injections and cave dwelling in the cold highland weather?
    They should at least have to build a good shelter using nothing but a hatchet and some twine, right?

    Maybe strap them to a plank and have them on a sea simulator to see if they can turn the right shade of green.

    Coming up with Jamie-type swearing.

    Gazing at various women to see if he could poof their panties.

    That's a start. I'll keep thinking

  7. Challenges mmmmm.....besides the right looks....

    Must be able to fight with a broad sword - I can imagine two contestants on stage kilts swinging around.

    Must be multilingual.

    Must be able to tell the vintage of any wine with one sniff.

    Must pass the thumbs criteria.

    I must keep thinking.

  8. oh, have "Jamie do the sword dance and write a romantic letter and read it to Claire (I volunteer to be Claire)

  9. To sanderson11 EXCELLENT ideas! I love Jamie's letters, and to see him dance (swoon)

  10. Just thought of another one. He has to learn some gaelic and have a knock down drag out "fight" with Jenny. We need him to show all facets of his personality not just physical strength. I like the kilt idea.

  11. Awesome ideas lassies!!

    I think there needs to be a challenge that involves competitive haggis eating.

    Also, a MUST challenge: Jamie vs. bear. Nuff said.

  12. I thought about the bear part, too, but then thought...where will we get a bear? LMAO!

    Also, we are leaving out something very important...
    There would have to be some kind of kissing contest, right? And the contestants would have to show exactly how they would NOT be gentle about it, aye?

  13. Competitive events to include:

    1. Who can come up with the most creative gaelic cursing monologue.

    2. Who can put on a kilt, standing up, the quickest.

    3. Effectively communicate three different messages using the sound, "mmphmm."

    4. Who can ride a huge horse the longest while practically bleeding to death. (We may need to consult with lawyers for this one.)

    5. Cry while still being manly.

    6. Broadsword fighting. While drinking whiskey. (Yeah, I said it.)

    7. Finally--do the catwalk...naked.

  14. Oooh! Naked catwalking fer sure! Also horse gentling, dirk throwing, whisky making, fish catching, clan leading... Let's face it, no one man can live up to our ideals.
    I think DG shouldn't judge until the Final Five. We want her writing Book 8, ye ken?

  15. How could I forget sock knitting? I love the knitting bits! Jamie can turn a heel while walking and talking in I think it was Drums.

  16. Whatever the challenge, he must do it LEFT handed, too!

  17. Melissa- I love #3!! So hilarious!

  18. ooh and what about----
    -tickling trout then wrapping it neatly in a mud and leaf parcel.
    -reciting cattalus.
    -fighting his way through a bloodthirsty crowd to rescue the fair sassenach then escaping on a horse.
    -escaping from a fort after rescuing the fair sassenach again ending up on a horse.
    -cutting stone and peat while being in manacles
    hmmm this sounds like a cross between a strong man challenge and one of the many dating games lol
    thinking of some more....
    lesley :-) (who is also volunteering to take it in turns with you all to be on the judging panel )

  19. One more-
    Ring toss using a rosary thrown over curly headed sassenach while trying to control a frightened evil horse.

  20. LOL!!! All of these RULE!

    L - can I be the curly headed sassenach?! :)

  21. I was thinking of getting a perm, but well, OK. I guess I will be the judge to see if the thumbs measure up.

  22. I'm loving these challenges, especially when Diane and Charles reminds us that Jamie is left-handed!

    Which made me think of another possible title for the show: "America's Got (the hots for) Jamie Fraser"!

  23. a little off topic but you guys should check out Kevin McKidd in "the great ghost rescue". I know a lot of lasses like him for Jamie. Weeel he plays a ghost dressed in full scots with the long red hair and all - cute - its a hoot!!

  24. I have seen the pic of Kevin Mc but I just have never seen him as Jamie. He just doesn't have the physical presence that our Jamie has. I think we get caught up in the Scottish accent, (Gerard Butler another example) and forget the physical magnificence of Jamie. I love, love, love, Gerard Butler and he certainly has the personality of Jamie but he is too dark and doesn't have the slanted eyes and viking cheekbones. Alas, I think we have to keep looking. A newcomer would be good so we wouldn't associate him with another role.

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