Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jared Padalecki: Another Possible Jamie Fraser

Megs made a tremendous comment on my last blog entry... mentioning Jared Padalecki as a possible Jamie Fraser. He's from one of my favorite shows of all time (until the writers went and lost their damn minds and messed with the perfection that was "SUPERNATURAL".)  I know, I know, he's not Scottish - or even English or Irish for that matter... but just take a look at the photos over at Even if you still dinna think he has Jamie possibilities, it will be a lovely minute or so for your eyes.


  1. Mmmmmm...he has nice hands....

    He is so much more attractive now than he was on Gilmore Girls!

  2. Oh, dear... I have a new crush. I watched some videos of him being interviewed, and he is so completely adorable.

    And at least he can act! Isn't that one of the main things people are worried about- if we get a Jamie that canna act?

    Tell me more about supernatural, I've never seen more than 30 seconds of it. should I rent the seasons?

  3. Oh, that was a great minute. If he lived in the present day, Jamie would totally be a no-nonsense gray tank top and well-worn jeans kind of guy. Sigh.

  4. He is amazing, granted, but still I don't see a Jamie. I don't think i'll ever find a Jamie haha!

  5. CAROL!!!! Did you forget RED???? He's RED Jamie. Not brown Jamie. GOTTA BE RED!!! As in, hair dye won't cut it - if the skin tone doesn't match then it's not gonna freakin work. Come on, woman - get yer heid in the game!!! If yer gonna be on the search committee then you gotta know the parameters! :)

    This guy could maybe be young Ian... or even Old Ian... or Fergus... or William... or even Denny Hunter (I kinda have me a little Quaker when-the-spirit-moves-me sorta crush on him too!) - ok, I know I'm gettin ahead of myself. One book/movie at a time.

    Keep giving us the pics, tho! Your own special version of Ladies of Lallybroch's treat of the day ;)

    PS - Please, please, please read my comment about Outlander the Musical aka Beauty and the Beast I made about your Sunday post...

  6. OOOH you GO CHRISTIE!!! Roll those eyes!!! ;-)

    Yeah, nice, but too dark. And not rugged enough. And too hairless. The search continues...

    OMG I just had the BEST thought. Wouldn't the search for Jamie be an EXCELLENT reality show?????? Better than American Idol! It could be called "So You Think You're Jamie Fraser?" and could be hosted by, like, Craig Ferguson or some other Scot. Of course, HERSELF would be the head judge and would let that wry wit and eye-roll action fly, just like Simon. Not sure who the other judges would be, tho I will volunteer. :-) (Maybe we can have a rotating panel with all of us.)

    Seriously--this is like the BEST idea I've had all year. ROFLMAO.

  7. Megs - I loved Supernatural with every fiber of my being... until they started messing with the core storyline. I would definitely recommend the first two seasons.. especially since I know you dig other "supernatural" books/films. ;)

    Christie - He's not my perfect Jamie, no. I was trying to illustrate Megs' comment from yesterday's post. Although I will say this - Jamie had a "bronze" tan from time to time...which has always led me to believe he's not an extremely fair redhead.

    Tracey - I. LOVE. It!!! When do we start production?!?

  8. No, not Jamie, but verra verra nice, indeed! I agree he has nice hands..

    Oh,oh! Can I be a guest judge on "So you think you're Jamie Fraser"?

  9. OK, Trace, I'm wit ya on dat, dog.
    You are officially the executive producer. I wanna be the scout - you know, the Ryan Seacrest (is that how the dude's name is spelled?!) that all the contestants have to go through before they parade themselves in front of the judges!!!!

  10. Forget the "scout"; I'll be the Claire stand-in (like in the old fashioned screen tests, you only see the back of the other actor) while all the Jamies act out the "I canna be gentle about it" scene!!

  11. Forget the "scout"; I'll be the Claire stand-in (like in the old fashioned screen tests, you only see the back of the other actor) while all the Jamies act out the "I canna be gentle about it" scene!!

  12. See? We all have our jobs! Tracey, Stacey, Christie... sorry, Carol - your name doesn't rhyme!

  13. OOhhh do I want that show!! What a great idea Tracey.

  14. Great idea for a reality show! And call me crazy, but as far as looks go I've been thinking Charles Kelley of Lady A would make a great Jamie. He would maybe need to bulk up a bit, but he's definitely tall enough at 6'6" and has the right coloring. Since he sings maybe he could audition for Outlander the Musical! LOL

  15. Totally on board with the show. If I go by "Meggie" Can I be a judge since that will rhyme? Hahaha, jk!

    I was just trying to point out the biggness and cat eyes! I think that he has those Jamie attributes down!! In order to find our "perfect" Jamie, we may need to cut and past ken?

    But, I think that He's 6'4"? I watched this video of him talking about how tall he is (Random, I know...) Watch how he talks! So adorable and Jamiesque- A little cocky maybe?

    Heres a link to cut and paste to watch the video:

  16. OK, lassies, I have refined the idea for the show (which is now going by "So You Think You Can Play Jamie Fraser?") It will be a cross between American Idol/Dancing with the Stars and Project Runway/Top Chef.

    • There's a host and four judges. HERSELF, as we've determined, is head judge. Maybe the movie screenwriter (whoever that may be) is second judge. Still haven't determined the third judge. Then there's the special guest MOP judge, which features a rotating cast from our own ranks.

    • The search begins with casting calls in three-four cities, like on American Idol. (Edinburgh is one of those cities.) That's where we have the first few eps that feature the auditions of bad, laughable Jamies.
    From these auditions, the field is narrowed to maybe 20 potential Jamies.

    • Now it turns more Project Runway-y. Each week, the Jamies have some sort of challenge they have to complete, with the judges getting rid of one Jamie per week. (I canna decide if America should also vote--maybe that starts happening when we get to the top five Jamies.)

    • After the final challenge--voila, we have our Jamie!!!!

    So whaddya think some appropriate Jamie challenges might be?

  17. What a great show! What challenges, Tracey? Proper Jamie necessities, like broadsword and dirk fighting? Then perhaps a "melt the judges" contest, where they must deliver the most smouldering Jamie one-liner. What could that be???

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  19. Could totally see him as Jamie! Yup, mind's made up! :)

  20. Replies
    1. I just know him as Sam from Supernatural. Obviously he's not the best Jamie in the world. But something about him...I dunno! LOL