Monday, July 12, 2010

Outlander Chat Tonight

Chat tonight! 9PM Eastern!  I want to know what YOU think Colum knew about Claire getting mixed up in Geilie's witch trial!

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  1. I'm gonna try to make it, but in case I don't let me tell you that the campsite behind ours at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games this weekend housed the greatest family...Dad was a redhead in a jacobite linen shirt and utilikilt, and was throwing a dirk and an ax into a tree for entertainment (until some of the other campers complained to him that he probably shouldn't be throwing knives with all the kids running around). Their little 3-year-old laddie, Keifer, had long blond curly hair, no shirt and a kilt and ran around the campground barefoot like he just wandered off the Braveheart set. Connor was a blondie around 8 who wore a white tshirt (some of the time) and kilt. And sometimes shoes. Poor Mom ran around dressed like an American trying to keep all her menfolk alive and uncut.