Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dying is a Lonely Business...What are your Thoughts, Hobson?

SPOILER ALERT - Dinna read unless you've finished Chapter 64 in A BREATH OF SNOW AND ASHES.

This is sortof post script from last night's post. Claire is now fully awake - and has shared some much-needed alone time with Jamie. From what she says, it's been a day or two since she woke up. And no mention of Bree coming-a-calling. I suppose this is one of those times Tracey and Shannon always point out is "assumed"? Because if not, WHERE THE HELL IS BREE???

Here's another thing - why on god's green earth was Jamie SKINNING HIDES IN THE WOODS whilst Claire was upstairs dying in the big house? I mean, dinna get me wrong, I'm happy he was - because he was able to save my beloved Fergus. But it strikes me as VERRA odd that he would leave that room for one second if Claire was dying. I'm having a hard time from keeping the following from spewing forth from my lips: "Edward would never have left". 

And speaking of my beloved Fergus - I think it's a grand idea to send him off to live the life of a city mouse with Marsali and the weans. He needs to build his confidence back up, aye?


  1. re: Bree--I too thought it was weird that she wasna at Claire's bedside 24/7. The Jamie thing I sort of got--he was still responsible for keeping the Ridge going--don't forget that a lot of other people were either sick/dead/caring for a sick family member, so it wasn't like Jamie could rely on all of Walnut Grove pitching in to help him with the household responsibilities--he still had to go kill the food, y'know? But BREE? What did she have to do besides take care of Jemmy? Oh, right--paint, invent stuff, be annoying, etc., etc., ;-) Didn't you find it fitting that when Claire finally woke up, it was ROGER sitting with her? Roger Mac, salt of the earth, friend to all. I so heart Roger.

    Re: Fergus... I so felt for him in that scene. I agree--as I've said before, he's no farmer, with or without a hand. I think the city will do wonders for him. And maybe birth control is more easily available there, too...just saying...

  2. i think that's true - as much as I love Edward Cullen, BTW, the way I see it is that no one really depends on Edward for their livelihood! Edward is a self-contained unit free to take off at will. But the Ridgers all need Jamie desperately to make it from one day to the next! That's part of the burden Jamie bears - the burden of being Laird! So responsible, Jamie.
    My heart breaks for Fergus. I think the city's a great move. I feel so bad when I think of his hook and little bran-filled glove! When I imagine marsali I imagine she's a knockout :-), you know? Like a huge source of joy for the Ferg.

  3. Sirena you CRACK ME UP. I am hysterical. THE FERG. I love it!

    I dunno... I guess you both have points about the Ridge and people relying on Jamie. But seriously. His wife is DYING. (Actually she was DEAD!) I'm thinking others on the Ridge can help pick up the slack while he's at her bedside.

  4. I'm sure he was at her bedside ALOT... but she was down and out for like a week, right? He had to leave the room at some point. Even people with very ill family in the hospital these days do go home once in a while to take a shower, let the dogs out, return phone calls. So Jamie had to get out of the house, clear his head and slaughter some animals. Its like washing dishes, LOL, just everyday work to them!

  5. And Carol, that's just the point--other's on the Ridge COULDNA pick up the slack b/c they were busy tending to their own sick/dead. You see how Jamie gives Claire the rundown of who's been sick/who's died--the majority of families on the Ridge have been affected by the flux or whatever it was.

    Tho I will say that the Ridge has never struck me as the barn-raising cooperative that you read about in other 18th century books. Maybe it's the Papist/Protestant thing at play?

  6. I was also very upset by the whole Jamie skinning stuff - especially when he told her he was sure he'd find her dead when he returned. Then WHY WASN'T HE THERE WITH HER??????

    -Sue A.

  7. My thoughts exactly, Sue. 1 week. 1 WEEK! It wasn't 6 months. It was 1 week. Remind me never to almost die on the Ridge. ;)