Saturday, March 6, 2010

Outlander Chit Chat Between Sisters

SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless ou have finished chapter 66 in A BREATH OF SNOW AND ASHES.

Email: Carol to Tracey:

How is it possible that in ONE WEEK Claire seems to have lost her ass 
and is reduced to skin and bones. And in three weeks of dieting, I'm 
lucky if I lost three pounds.

My prediction: Malva poisoned Claire and Tom Christie. That way, 
she'd be free to have Jamie. Why isna Claire seeing this??? She still 
thinks she and Tom C. had some odd illness. NOT. Malva's BAD news. I 
can smell it.

Email Reply: Tracey to Carol:

You should copy that email and paste it right into your blog. LOL  
 Malva is verra interesting. I thought so right from the start. 

Oh and BY THE WAY - I just read the end of Chapter 66 where Claire finally invites Jamie back into the marriage bed after almost dying (from being poisoned if I'm right.) And all I have to say is: Thank you, Diana. Thank you verra much. LORRDDDDD thank you very much!


  1. Malva and all of the Christies give me huge heebie jeebies. Major, Major creeps.
    Also, I feel you about the weight. Maybe if all of my hair was gone, though, it would make more of a dent on the scale. It has to count for something.
    It also makes me doubt the fatness of Claire's arse. How fat is it really? Was any arse in the 1700s considered fat, just by its existence? I mean, we've seen their diet. Sometimes, it's not pretty.

  2. And an amen on the marriage bed!
    May I just say that someone on DG's site (in the comments) asked her to ramp up the time travel and tone down the sex bc it wasna believable?!


    I love their connection! I was so happy to see them reconnect. The more, the merrier, I say! DG can def. write the sexy!

  3. re: Claire's fine fat arse--I've always thought it's "fat" in the same way as JLo's or Beyonce's arses--not really fat, just, um, prominent. Were Jamie from 2010, he'd be calling Claire's arse bootylicious...

  4. BTW, had to reread the, um, encounter, as it's been awhile since I read that part. Oh yes. Mmm-hmm. Seriously, how could you not like a scene in which Jamie utters these immortal words:

    “Dinna hurry yourself, lass,” he said in a hoarse whisper. “I’m no going anywhere.”


  5. @Carol - about Malva - as Diana likes to say, "Wait and see." :-)

    @Tracey - I love that line of Jamie's. That whole scene is just wonderful.

    And to everybody wondering about how Claire could lose that much weight in such a short time: she was suffering from meningitis, or something similar to it. I'm not a doctor by any means (!) but I think a high fever for a prolonged period of time might well do that.

    Keep the comments coming, Carol, I am enjoying this tremendously!


  6. LOL Karen - it's been like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride since I hit the part about Claire's hair!

    I have to say I love love loved that scene with Claire and Jamie reconnecting after her illness. I don't think it was racy in the slightest. I think it was perfectly written. Two older people who have been married for years who understand each other and need to feel each others' presence in every way possible. I read it again this morning - not for the "yeah baby" factor, but because I found it really touching.

  7. I find it so touching too! And I'm with you on the wild ride. Intense! I couldn't put it down!

    Re: meningitis or whatever,
    Karen, I love expert insight! I never think of things like that when I'm reading! It gives so much extra context to read all this stuff....

  8. I have to say guys....that I am BACK ON the ABOSAA train cuz after the whole ordeal with the Claire abduction, I felt the ABOSAA plot was getting kinda bland. And then Chapter 64 slammed me! Oh and YES, Carol...that great scene between J/C at the end of 66...I am once again feelin' the Jaimie/Claire love I had gotten so used to and terribly missed lately. Thank you, DG!!!!!

    I am worried sick that Malva is going to make some serious moves on Jaimie. Claire needs to set that girl straight!!! Loved Claire's resurrection scene where she was hovering outside her body and saw Malva (I think it was Malva) with Jaimie and Claire was like "Oh no you don't, Girlfriend!!! I am not dying yet!" YOU GO GIRL!!!!

  9. OMG I know Jenn! I am wondering if we'll see another woods scene again where Jamie is innocently walking along with Malva and then he turns around to wash his hands or something and then BAM! Malva's naked. Or something like that. Ugh. And Tracey said I'd probably get mad at Jamie again JFBHM#5? I think I lost track.

  10. F***K!!! I don't want to get mad at Jaimie again. I really don't. Esp. NOT with Malva!!!

  11. I know, Jenn. I know. I don't know that I could handle it. I am finally getting back to normal after the Indian squaws.