Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Damn Yankees

Spoiler Alert: Dinna read unless you have read chapter 6 in AN ECHO IN THE BONE. 

So... I'm just hangin' out with William in Staten Island.... But the chapter is called Long Island, right?  At first I wondered if William was going to end up shooting up the Hamptons.  I hope he knows better than to travel there on a Friday afternoon in the summer. (OK I knew it didn't happen that way but c'mon - a Hamptons joke in an Outlander blog? I absolutely HAD to!)

OK so poor William just got knocked off his horse and had the ponytail cut from his head.  I dinna know if they're going to take him - or leave him there. I have a hunch they'll leave him there with his new, short cut....to be totally embarrassed in front of his men. Sound familiar? Well - it's not like being tied to a tree near your camp where your ammunition has been stolen... but close enough in the embarrassment department, ya know?? I have to hurry up and blog so I can read. I'm dying to know what happens!! I had visions of them taking him... and Jamie finding out and traveling up North to kick yon Continental butt.

And my apologies to Karen - how could I have not mentioned Mrs. Bug's untimely demise?! I have to admit something; I wasna that broken up over it. She was a sweet lady, yes. She took care of the Frasers. She made a mean bannock. BUT YON WOMAN SHOT JAMIE! I just canna feel sorry for someone who shows up in the middle of the night - sneaks around looking for something that isn't really even hers to take - and is PACKIN'!!!!!! She had not one but TWO guns! And she used one to SHOOT JAMIE! She's lucky they didn't mistake her for someone and cut her damned head off!! Getting an arrow through the neck is almost MILD considering where she was - and what she was doing. Again - I will miss her sausage rolls and her hot, buttered bread.. and maybe even her gossipy attitude and occasional murders. I even made bannocks for our meeting at Shannon's today - in Mrs. Bug's memory. But I don't really feel that bad for her or for Arch who - let's face it - sent his WIFE to do the dirty work in that scenario. UNLESS we're going to find out she didna tell him she was going - or something like that. In which case, I'll feel worse for him than I do at this moment.

And as for my thoughts on Arch telling Ian he'd be back when Ian found someone he was close to? Let me explain my feelings on this in the following letter:

Dear Arch, 

Go north 5 miles - way up over the Ridge. Make a left at the first set of pine trees. Cross the river.. and make a right at the next rock. There, you will find a group of people known as The Mohawk. 

When you get there, ask for Emily. 



  1. THAT was a classic entry. Still laughing...

  2. I just changed it - wow you're fast! I had "more badly" written and giggled when I saw it live.

  3. I felt the same way about Arch bug..what man sends his wife in the middle of the night to hunt for gold? And then he's all upset when Ian tries to protect Jamie! Arch had to have known they would have never hurt her...had they known who it was! Ok I'm on Chapter 34. You need to hurry up! LOL!

  4. You know what, as much as I loved Mrs. Bug and was so, so sad to see her die, at the end of the day she did shoot at them. It's just that simple. They live in a kill or be kill world, and Mrs. Bug knew it (hence the shot). I was super annoyed to think Arch would have sent her, since he loved her so much, unless he thought the Frasers would be able to make her out so clearly they wouldna hurt her. But she was also such a little busybody bossy thing - I can totally see her heading out on her own.

    Also, I love the extra info, but sometimes I get a little tired of too much soldiering-with-William story! But I was sad to see his ponytail go, but also, he's such a prideful little snot sometimes. DG really knows how to strike at the heart of a human's pride - and how we treat our long locks as our crowning glory!

  5. Hmmm....I had forgotten about that little episode with William...and good parallel to LJG.

  6. Oh, and, have you been watching Lost? HOLY COW, IT'S WONDERFUL!!!!!

  7. Angela, Sirena and Jo - THANK YOU because I was a little worried people would be mad at me for dissing Murdina Bug. I will always miss her bannocks... ;)

    PS - Jo - THANKS because I was about to watch Vampire Diaries (guilty pleasure TV?) but now I'm going to watch Tuesday's LOST that I missed! I heard Desmond is in it (sweet jesus I love that man) and I heard something about bagpipes. Which scares me because they are played at funerals. So I fear the worst - but will hope for the best.

  8. Let me know what you think AS SOON as you watch it! And the bagpipes have me worried too...

  9. Wow it was really good! And hmm....Desmond... I don't know what Whitmore is up to!! I LOVE LOVE LOVED the bagpipes. And Amazing Grace! That's my Jamie-goes-to-Helwater song!!