Monday, March 15, 2010

Rescue Me

SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless you've read Chapter 102 in A BREATH OF SNOW AND ASHES.

Holy MOLY. I canna BELIEVE what I've been reading over the past few days. It is SPEC-FRIGGIN-TACULAR. It's like someone picked me up and plopped me right smack in the middle of OUTLANDER. I love you, Diana Gabaldon. I really, really love you!

OK so first off - how about Jamie kidnapping Mrs. Forbes? Holy god I was L-O-V-I-N-G it. It was the old Jamie that I know and love! Total crisis, and yet he's calm, cool and collected. And being all charming and frisky with Mrs. Forbes! I wished I was her! And when he picked her up??? UGH!!! I wonder if he really ate the picnic lunch with her.... and how he managed to get the brooch. I want more details! SUCH A GREAT SCENE!!!

OK so what else - so much. Roger and Ian grilling Forbes about Bree's whereabouts?! The ear! Oh god, the EAR! And Ian SMOKED IT and is now carting it around in his little man-purse. Oh god that is so awesome I dinna know what to DO with m'self. The only thing missing from that scene was my boyfriend, Fergus. I mean, really. He would have used that hook to really do some psychological damage, dinna you think???

I didn't talk much about Claire being rescued from the Governor's boat. When Jamie came through the fog in the rowboat, I honestly thought it was one of the most powerful moments in the series. No drama. No pomp and circumstance. Just Jamie - quietly doing what he does best; rescuing Claire. I could see him in that boat... coming closer...closer...closer... until he was right up next to the ship - and standing next to Claire. I found it really moving.

OK it's Outlander Chat time - more later!


  1. Wow, you're coming along quickly! I'm thinking of a certain part in ABOSAA...don't know if you're there yet. I'll have to look through your posts because I KNOW you will mention it. It's huge.

    And I'm not at home, so can't access my books. *sob*

    Y'know, I'm really missing Jamie these days...but am trying to get through a list of books before I do a re-read. Trying to hold off until June/July or so?? We'll see. ;)

  2. Oh Sassy. Sassy Sassy Sassy. I know exactly what you're talking about. I did a little rereading of a certain part of Outlander the other day... and was practically panting. The part where Jamie and Claire get back to Leoch and Jamie sees Laoghaire in the hallway when he's on his way to buy Claire a wedding ring - and Claire flips out. And then they have make up sex and Jamie tells her he "canna be gentle about it." Mother of god - it's better than sin cake from Ruth's Chris. Seriously.

  3. Here's desperation/insanity: I've taken to bringing one of the books into the bathroom with me so that I can spend the two minutes it takes to brush my teeth with the electric toothbrush reading a favorite passage. Yes, I know--I need help.

  4. I can totally relate, Tracey. I carry my Kindle in my purse (I have the books on Kindle and in book form) so when I have down time somewhere, I can just read. I also constantly go back to the other books to re-read favorite scenes (Carol - that scene in Outlander is TOTALLY hot; one of my favorites!)


  5. Okay okay okay...I went back through your posts...the part I was referring to was in PART 4. So, yeah, you've already read that part...I just wasn't here to read your thoughts.

    UGH. Poor Claire.

    I really feel like I need to start carrying a copy of Outlander with me at all times. Maybe spend a few bucks to get the smaller mass-market paperback version to fit in my bag. ;) I miss Jamie and the gang.

  6. Oh I love the "search" feature in the Kindle for just that reason. Whatever you're looking for... when you're looking for it! It's like magic! LOL

  7. My favorite part of Jamie rowing up and getting to Claire was when he takes off that silly cap she hates so much, tosses it in the water, and runs his fingers through her hair before kissing her. He loves his curly-haired lass. God, that scene is so good. I love how she just goes into his arms like he's a magnet, whispering "Knew you'd come." SIGH.

    I know I'm years late in posting to this entry, but I just finished reading ABOSAA the other day and am making my way through your blog now that I dinna have to avoid spoilers about this book. If you suddenly get a zillion replies from someone who's never replied here before, that's why! :)

  8. Ah I see you all shared my favourite moment too. And then the ear.. OH HELL ON ICE!!! Here I am getting my hair pulled and braided (as one does) whilst reading when suddenly Ian takes Forbes's ear. WHAT?!! I gasped so loudly and jerked that the poor woman doing my hair started apologizing thinking she'd done something wrong LOL.

    This blog is a godsend because even though I'm years behind you all, I feel as though I'm part of a community. I can share my thrills with people who get it - as opposed to my friends and family who give me blank stares as they swiftly change the subject.

    Thank you Carol and Tracey and all others who contribute.