Thursday, March 4, 2010

Flocks of a Feather

SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless you've read Chapter 60 in A Breath of Snow and Ashes. 

I canna believe how much I've come to love Bobby Higgins. That letter from John Grey killed me.  It was verra sweet of John to go to bat for Bobby like that. "Well, Jamie, please talk Lizzie's dad into letting her marry Bobby. And if that falls through, give it a shot for Malva with Tom Christie".  And what then? Who is low enough in the totem pole for poor Bobby?! And he is better than all of this! And isn't he sweet, putting on his Sunday best to speak with Jamie and Mr. Wemyss? And then what happens?! SHOT DOWN!!! With a slight little "I'll think about it but most probably not."

OK so let's back up a little bit. Flora MacDonald. Don't think I like her. A little too important to be captured for my taste. And WHAT was with the odd look she gave Claire when she first met her at River Run? Maybe that wasna the first time she met her. Or maybe she'd heard stories. Or maybe she's got a sick crush on Jamie even though he's like a million years younger than her. Kindof like Rob Pattinson is a million years younger than me. Yeah. Let's let that one go for now.

I. LOVE. DONNER!  Why on earth did Bree and Claire just sit there and let them haul his arse off to jail? Yeah yeah - he escaped - and now we don't know where he is. But still! They just SAT there. They go to bat for everyone and everything - but for him, they just sit there. I get it - he ran around with the band of thugs who kidnapped Claire. But he was trying to help Claire. True, he's a wimpy little shite who watched a heap of walking filth just go around killing people at random - but again - I think he did enough to try to help Claire that they should have at least spoken up for him, even though it probably wouldna have done any good. And he's from the future. They canna just let him die without pumping every last bit of info out of him that they can (which I believe they were trying to do until Claire dragged poor Jamie's ass into the brothel where we heard even more stories of his good deeds.) And if nothing else, Donner actually uses terms like "gnarly". I'd keep him around for the conversation alone.

Tar and feathers - awesome. Jamie at his finest - and it just showed me that Jamie is going to be verra influential and so sitting down to a meeting with John Adams in about 30 seconds. I'll bet Abigail is brewing the acorn tea for the Fraser womenfolk as I type. And Hel-LO - when Ian and Fergus came to his side (sighhhhh Fergussss... that man is so sexy it's shameful) and did their little hop-up number to pull down the mattress? Priceless. Absolutely priceless.

OK that's it for now, lest I make you yawn with all my chatter. I'll leave you with this thought:

If those Ridgers don't leave poor Roger's preaching/singing/sweating alone  - I'm going to grab that snake out of Jamie's shirt - no, make that Claire's pocket - and whack them over the head with it. Although, might I say that when that snake came up under Jamie's chin,  under his shirt, I truly almost coughed up a lung from laughing so hard. Seriously.


  1. I also wanted them to try to get more info from Donner! But he gave me the creeps from day one. SO ill equipped to be in that century, and so stupid about his associations. Even though his line to Claire about Ringo Starr was great, I can't wash away the horrible feeling that he was in that group that assaulted her. She also has a good sh*t detector and immediately tagged him as a self-interested coward. I feel sorry for the little ragtag band of Indian revolutionaries that traveled back in time, especially the first one (Otter tooth? Dinna recall. Mystical guy who walked at night in black war paint).
    And I do love Bobby Higgins. He'd be such a great husband! Lord John going to bat for him kind of made me like LJ even more :-) than I already did.
    They always talk about the lack of marriageable women on the Ridge, but what about the men? There aren't that many great catches: Tom Christie? Ronnie Sinclair? Creepy Obadiah Henderson or whatever his name is? Bobby should be a real catch!

  2. I know, right Sirena??? What's a little "M" on the cheek when you're being compared to "Dead and Deader"?! Ugh! Hey maybe they can hook Amy up with Bobby - as far as I can tell, she doesna have many good prospects. Tom Christie? No THANK you.

    And you're right about Donner. SO right. I should not care what happens to him. And I don't know that I really even do - I just couldn't believe Claire and Bree just sat there when they hauled him off. They seem to be good Samaritans for everyone else... why not him? But we also don't know if HE took part in any of the prevous death and debauchery - so I really shouldna like him. I just like the way he talks. He has made me laugh heartily right out loud more than once.

  3. ROFLMAO re: "Flora's too important to be captured." Were Claire and Jamie at River Run getting brontosaurus burgers and buns??? ;-)

    Love Bobby too--and agree about my LJ. As I've told Carol, his and Jamie's correspondence is one of my favorite parts of ABOSAA.

    Ian and Fergus--le sigh. Don't you just want them to team up to fight crime, a la Starsky and Hutch?

    Re: available men on the Ridge: I think Kenny Lindsley is available now, too--didn't his wife die in the last book? None of them seem like stellar choices, but Kenny's prolly the best of the lot--not the sharpest stick on the Ridge, but a decent guy.

  4. You wouldn't want to be coming to Donners rescue if you knew what I knew!! ;) That's all I'm saying.... And I liked your thoughts about Bobby and Amy. Again...thats all I'm saying! (Sometimes it's just to hard to resist!)

  5. I like Donner's cheesy 70s slang too! The whole Flora thing was funny. I looked her up on Wiki and really love it when DG brings historical figures into her books! She does it so well, no trace of Bill & Ted's excellent adventure or anything like that.
    Love calling the Ridgers "Ridgers."! And I also would have thought Bree and Claire would have come to Donner's rescue! I think it dredges up a lot of memories of falling through the space-time continuum or whatever they did.
    Alright back to wk.....