Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Funny Outlander Parody

Sorry All - crazy week. I promise I'll be back at it tomorrow!

Until then - check out this verra amusing Outlander Parody from "CrunchyMonkey777" I found linked to Diana Gabaldon's Youtube page. I cracked up when she went through the stones. Lorrdddd please don't let Tracey make me do something like this! ;)

PS - Tracey asked me to mention that she also saw this on Outlandish Observations today. She's the Tweeter; I'm the blogger.  (We are sometimes not in sync!)


  1. Not surprising that we'd both blog about it at the same time, is it? It's related to OUTLANDER, and it's hilarious. :-) Why not do what we can to spread the word?


  2. Verra true, Karen! Verra true. Just spreadin' the Outlander love! :)

  3. I saw this talked about on the books and writers forum (I have been haunting the forum for weeks - I love the discussions and the especially the comments from Herself) and laughed myself silly when I clicked on the link and saw the clip. I especially love "Jamie's" chest hair! Those girls have a lot of imagination!

    -Sue A.

  4. Oh Sue - when I saw Jamie I died. In fact - I don't even think I've watched the whole clip yet! Thanks for reminding me to go back and finish it!

  5. My favorite line was, "Keep your knickers on that's MY ginger!"

    I never thought I'd laugh about BJR and Jamie, but I was cracking up!!


  6. LOL Anon - that was hilarious. I just loved the cosmic sounds when Claire went through the stones. OH I also loved the way she ran off camera - like Napoleon Dynamite. LOL!