Thursday, March 18, 2010

When Irish Eyes are Smilin'

SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless you have read chapter 108 in A BREATH OF SNOW AND ASHES. 

I have a problem. Not so much a problem per se... it's more of a quandary. You see... there is a miniscule, teeny-tiny, barely there part of me that is attracted to... Stephen Bonnet. (cringes and waits til the backlash is over).

I KNOW! I KNOW! He's DISGUSTING! And I'm not really even INTO bad boys. I don't know what's WRONG with me!!! I mean... we've got Roger being all debonair and racing into the jungle to find him now that he found Bree and Emmanuel's dead. We've got Jamie hootin' and hollerin' all KINDS of  nasty, hot,  Scottish Gaelicness and war cries. We've got Ian - LORDDDD we've got Ian - sitting on the stoop of Bonnet's house, wringing the water out of his LONG hair (ohhhh the visual). And my ass is thinking "Wow I hate that I love it when Bonnet calls Bree 'Sweetheart'." !!!!! WHAT THE EFF IS WRONG WITH ME???

OK I have to go read more. Shannon says the rest of 108 is awesome. Hell Jen L says the rest of the book is awesome. No time to blog. I'll be back later though... because we must discuss!!


  1. Oh, no problem there. Have I not said all along that SB is HAWT in a disgusting, skanky sort of way? Yeah, the "sweetheart" thing makes my bones feel a little more gelatinous, too....

  2. ... yet the man never wears a kilt.


  3. TRUE DAT Laura! True dat. No Kilt; NO SERVICE! ;)

  4. I can kind of understand that Carol! I think Bonnet is one of the most complex characters in DG's arsenal of incredibly complex characters (the MacKenzies, the Christies, Lord John, the list goes on!) and, within that, I think that Bree's relationship with him is one of the most complicated and clouded in the series. I think Bonnet's fixation on Bree is sad, like the fixation for a life that might have been his, if he hadn't been so completely ruined and destroyed by both the events in his life and the things that he himself did in that life.
    The description of his house made me especially sad, the home of a man with no idea of what a home is supposed to be like.

  5. I have felt the same sort of rush for SB myself. At times he is so digusting I can't stand the thought of him and other times I just know there is a good person buried deep down wanting to find a way out but can't - and I just know that the good guy is hot hot hot. I agree that he really wishes he could be with Bree (or anyone else for that matter) in a normal loving relationship but he is too damaged to allow himself to bring those feelings to the surface and admit them even to himself. Poor guy! Someone just needs to give him a good long hug like Robin Williams' character (Sean) did for Matt Damon's character (Will) in 'Good Will Hunting' and make him repeat, "Its not your fault. Its not your fault".....

    1. Didn't Bree do just that on the ship? Hug him and say I won't let anything hurt you repeatedly? Fast forward to 2 days later and he's handing her over to Emmanuel and that creepy Howard.

      Hmm some people are too far gone. I can never get past his rapey side myself.

  6. I, for one, would never want to meet "LeRoi"!!! It's just soooo nasty.