Sunday, April 4, 2010

Carol's "Favorite Things"

SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless you have read chapter 12 in AN ECHO IN THE BONE.

I have a few favorites in the Outlander series. A favorite character - Jamie Fraser, duh. A favorite food - bannocks. A favorite love scene - "I canna be gentle about it" (although "watch while I take ye" is such a close 2nd and may even be a tie.)

And now I have a favorite Chapter.

Chapter 12 in An Echo in the Bone is so fantastic, I dinna know what to do with myself. From start to finish - it is so poignant. So riveting. So gut-wrenching. And most of all - so beautiful. I don't know who I love more in this scene; Claire or Jamie. Or even he has such an important place in the scene. I almost want to pick him up and hug him... almost.

Lord, he'd said. Let me be enough... 
"Jamie," I said at last. "oh, Jamie. You're...everything. Always."

A while back, over at Outlandish Observations, Karen picked a song that expressed the depth of Claire and Jamie's relationship... and she wanted to know if anyone else had a song that was near and dear to their heart in this way. It was such a great question - and I have always been all about music - and yet I had such a hard time thinking of a song. But if I were to pick a chapter that truly expresses the heart and soul of Jamie and Claire Fraser, this would be it.


  1. Carol:

    I love that chapter, too.

    And here is something I just stumbled across this afternoon: Diana reading that very scene, during her recent German book-tour.


  2. Karen... Thank you so much. That was wonderful. I have tears in my eyes all over again. And hearing Diana say "canna" and sound just like Jamie? Wow. Just... wow.

  3. Totally agree. She didn't just read the scene--she captured the emotion perfectly. I am so watching all of these clips as soon as I'm finished Echo!