Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dances with Wolves - Part Deux

SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless you have read chapter 38 in AN ECHO IN THE BONE. 

OK so I know where Ian went. Well - sortof. I know he is in Virginia... in a swamp....

...with the Mohawk.

Oh excuse me - I just threw up in my mouth a little. OK now I'm back.

So I now have to assume he's headed straight into the monster... aka to Em...Em... ugh. I canna even say her name. That woman loved him and then kicked him out and left him with a terrible thought that there is something wrong with him. And yet he scurries back. Like my DOG. Ian is now a dog. I may call him Rollo 2.

I will share what I shared on the chat last night. Here is the bottom line, lassies.  Ian needs to go HOME to see his poor MOTHER who has been WORRIED SICK about him for 10 FRIGGIN YEARS. He OWES that to her. That woman didn't know where her baby was. She suffered. Then she finds out he's become an Indian (and not the nice kind.)  For god's SAKE Ian, give her some closure. Get your ass BACK to Scotland. HUG YOUR MOTHER. Spend some time with your family. And then - if you still feel the need to skin animals and live in the longhouse, fine. It's all good. At THAT point, you can say a PROPER goodbye - and get on a boat back to the backwoods of North Carolina. Even though Claire has TOLD you that doing that will get your ass killed... or wrongfully shoved onto a rez in Montana... But that's a blog for another day, I suppose.

PS - Look at me trying to be all cool and call the reservation the "rez" like Jacob in Twilight. I am laughing at myself right now.


  1. OMJ..The Rez...hahaha!!!

    Ok...how much do I LOVE IAN...I'm sooo glad Diana decided to take us on his journey ...He has been such an enigma since he "went Indian" , I can't help but remember him as the boy who lost his virginity to Mary... and then his life became a roller coaster.

    I finished Echo a while ago so I'm not gonna say anything else ( I HAVE SO MUCH TO SAY)...

  2. I love Ian too - I think it's because he gives us a glimse at what Jamie might have been like as a young boy/man, before he met Claire. (I think someone said that last night on the chat - it goes so fast, I miss things sometimes)I also love how he's learning to be a man from Jamie, and how they can communicate almost without words in Echo. Very cool.

  3. LOL!!!! Since he "went Indian". That just cracked me up!

  4. Hi I'm obviously late coming into this conversation but am I the only one who thinks William is the new Roger MacKenzie? He has the worst luck and everytime he ventures out on his own now I just want to scream for him to stop! He is a character that could have really used a cellphone back then.

    1. Great point! Self-inflicted wounds most of the time, too, right? Although he's the last to realize it!