Friday, April 30, 2010

The Perfect Storm

SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless you have read chapter 44 in AN ECHO IN THE BONE. 

I've GOT to go read. But I just HAD to point this out: William is wearing not only the bear claw... but ALSO Jamie's rosary. Are ya KIDDING??  Wow.  That's awesome. He is the son of JAMIE FRASER and by GOD he will be what he is - no matter how much the world lies to him about his parentage - A FRASER. 

I am going to repost my comment from yesterday's post here because I think it's worth mentioning:

Lassies - I am of the firm belief that Swiftest of Lizards is not Ian's biological child. Ian would have done the math and you couldn't have dragged him away if that were the case. However - I think it is VERRA important that his ex mother in law (who, oddly enough, I don't have a problem with) said the boy had Ian's spirit. As far as I know, the spirit is extremely important in the Native American world. I plan to research this as I find it fascinating. 

And Tracey wants me to mention that she referred to Sun Elk (was that his name?) as "F*cks with Your Wife" before I referred to him as "Ass Who Steals Wife of Odd Scottish Indian".

ALSO - holy hell - chapter 44. With the stinky foot and Mr. Dick - "Her Do It".  I had to stop myself from giggling profusely in the Ophthalmologist's office this morning. SO FRIGGIN FUNNY. There was only one person missing from that scene who would have brought even MORE hilarity to it: Jamie. Seriously - I was dying.

And I'm also dying over the fact that this book is finally starting to come together. And I'm scared. Not only because it's over soon - but also because I can now see how all of these storylines are going to intersect. And for the first time since Drums of Autumn, I'm starting to wonder if Bree will once again go through the stones to try to save Claire and Jamie. It's all going to hinge on the letters. If she reads them all - and they're still not out of Fort Ticonderoga, I'm thinking she'll go back. And holy hell - the Hunters are now with Jamie and Claire. And I have said from before I ever opened this book - William and Jamie are going to find themselves on opposite sides of each other on the battlefield. And Jamie said he would not fight his son. So I canna IMAGINE how this is going to go down.

OK that's enough for now - MUST go read. I'll keep you posted!


  1. LOL re: Jamie's rosary--wasna sure you had gotten to that yet. So let's break it down:
    • Dreams about Mac the groom saving him some 15 years after it happened? Check.
    • Still remembers that his "pretend" name is James? Check.
    • Still wears the rosary Mac the groom (you know, the 6'4" red haired Scot) gave him? Check.
    • Spent three days with Jamie Fraser (you know, the 6'4" red haired Scot) a mere 5 years after seeing him the last time and totally completely didn't recognize him? Check.

    Ah, yeah. right. Ok. Uh-huh.

    And re: your last paragraph: You are EXACTLY, in your thinking, where I was at this point. All the roads are going somewhere and you totally see that at some point, they're going to converge, and you just. Don't. Know. How. And it is scary and exciting as frickkin hell.

  2. I love the little things that show up that William has in common with Jamie.
    -he's 6'4"
    -the red hair (in the beard anyway)
    -he's lefthanded
    -he get's seasick

    There was one more thing, I forgot...

  3. I would be reading along with you, but I have been obsessed with getting the books from ebay. Dragonfly and Fiery Cross will soon be mine.

  4. Jeanie I know. It's almost eerie, isn't it? I keep forgetting to post about the beard.

    Terry don'tcha LOVE getting bargains on ebay? I get addicted very fast if I don't watch myself.

  5. I just love Claire's new helper Mrs. Raven, hilarious.