Thursday, April 29, 2010

Something Wicked This Way Comes

SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless you have read Chapter 41 in AN ECHO IN THE BONE.

"It's not hell after all, then-only purgatory. What's another thousand years?" 
How much do I LOVE when DG talks purgatory?? (Or Stephenie Meyer, for that matter, but that's a comment for another blog.) I don't know why I love the concept of purgatory. God - that sounds terrible. It's not that I love the concept.. it's that I'm intrigued by the concept. I always wonder if maybe this is purgatory... if life is purgatory. And when it's all said and done - we either go up - or down.

How much do I love William and Ian hanging out together (I say "hanging out" as if William wasn't on his deathbed the entire time)... Ian calling William "Cousin"... kindof rolls off the tongue like Henry Ian Cusick saying "Brotha" in that sexy way (LOST was a repeat the other night and I was NOT happy).  And how much did the bear claw necklace make me go :O  <---- That's a shocked face for those of you who haven't been schooled in dorky emoticons like myself. And he put it right on. Because he is the son of the Bear Killer and will most likely/hopefully kill his own bear one day.

I'm wondering lately if Lord John will make it through this series. I have to wonder if Jamie will some day take ownership of William and get to be more than "my dad's bud who is tall and lives on the Ridge". NOT that I want to see Lord John meet his demise... but... I dunno... it could be kindof a cool storyline. Let's be honest.

OK so I'll admit it. I was more than thrilled to hear Ian tell Em - Em -  Satin's spawn - that he was going to Scotland. Here's what I have to say to her at this point in the series, if I may quote Billy Bragg:

Goodbye and good luck to all the promises you've broken
Goodbye and good luck to all the rubbish that you've spoken
Your life has lost its dignity, its beauty and its passion
You're an accident waiting to happen. 

She doesna have one ounce of my sympathy for her sad little life. She made her bed when she married "Ass Who Steals Wife of Odd Scottish Indian" and now she has to lie in it, doesn't she? In the words of Tony Soprano's mom, "POOR YOU".  And when she asked Ian to name her daughter? OCH! That took all the MMMPPPHHHHMMMM I could muster not to jump into the damned Kindle and punch her in the nose. Ian took the high road on that one, too. Although I must admit -  I do think I dig her son - what's his name - Fast As Shit Lizard or something like that (forgive me but I'm too afraid to search "Lizard" on the Kindle for fear it will come up a zillion times and then I'll know he's in further chapters. I didna come this far - 53% of Echo - to get spoilers now!!) I think he and Ian would have a relationship like Jamie and Fergus (sighhhhh Fergus... havena thought of him in a while) and I wonder if we'll see him again. Hopefully only if there is a tornado and a longhouse lands on Em - Em - oh forget it.

OK so how about the 2nd coming of the Beardsleys - aka The Johnsons!!! WHAT NUTJOBS!! Mr. Johnson was a burrito short of a fiesta platter, to be sure! That was one of those scenes I would just LOVE to see on the big screen... kindof like the mother in law's funeral in - oh god, was it The Fiery Cross? And what was her name? Yikes lassies - I am tired. At any rate - it would just be so incredible to see that axe coming down and William rolling out of the way... very spooky like Jack Nicholson in The Shining.

Lastly - did I not LOVE when William head-butted Mr. Johnson INSTINCTIVELY??? Hey William... you can run... but you can't hide with your big ol' Glasgow kiss! You're as Scottish as a lovely HAGGIS, my friend... you just don't know it yet.



  1. Oh, I loved how Ian named Em's son, which is actually his, am I right? That's what the old indian woman told him if I'm not mistaken. "Swiftest of Lizards", also known as Digger, I hope we meet him again later in the series.
    What bothers me is that when Ian tells William that he looks better, is it?, than when he saw him last, and calls him cousin, William doesn't ask Ian what he means by that. When is this guy gonna start asking questions?
    Loved the two of them hanging out, I think you can call it that Carol, even though William is almost dying, because I guess Ian saved his life.

  2. I went back and forth on the whole "Is Ian the father of Swiftest of Lizards or not?" question--but I ended up deciding that the answer was no, that even though we know the whole "man's spirit fights with woman's spirit" story, that in this case grandma was referring to Ian sort of in a godfather sense, like "you come from his spirit in that you SHOULD have been his." Just my two cents....

  3. Yeah...I was under the impression that Swifest of Lizards was his real son too. I certainly hope we see him again. Poor Ian...

  4. I just don't know that it works out time-wise....

  5. Oh, I heart me some Henry Ian Cusick.... Have you seen the 'Brother Compilation?'

  6. "Swiftest of Lizards" says to Ian that Tewak.....(the old indian lady)told him that he was the child of Ian's spirit, but that he should not tell his father that...
    I saw that as him being Ian's son, but it could also just be an Indian saying of some sort....Hmmm

  7. I think my take on Ian/Swiftest of Lizards is in allaince with Tracey's. I took Ian's departure from the Mohawk to be very soon after the loss of their last baby ... before they were reunited again. I understood "Ian's spirit" to be the love/longing that Emily had for Ian that she still carried with her for a time after she joined with Sun Elk. But, that was just how I read it.

  8. I'm with Tracy and Shelly. That's how I was looking at it.

    Carol-"Ass Who Steals Wife of Odd Scottish Indian" Girl- you come up with the funniest stuff!

  9. I'm with Tracy and Shelly. That's how I was looking at it.

    Carol-"Ass Who Steals Wife of Odd Scottish Indian" Girl- you come up with the funniest stuff!

  10. Yeah, you might be right after all. Shelly, the way you explain it makes sense to me. It's a symbolic thing.
    "Ass Who Steals Wife of Odd Scottish Indian" - Yes, I loved that one, too. You are hilarious, Carol.

  11. Lassies - I am of the firm belief that Swiftest of Lizards is not Ian's biological child. Ian would have done the math and you couldn't have dragged him away if that were the case. However - I think it is VERRA important that his ex mother in law (who, oddly enough, I don't have a problem with) said the boy had Ian's spirit. As far as I know, the spirit is extremely important in the Native American world. I plan to research this as I find it fascinating.

    Yesterday was my son's teacher's birthday and she gave me the "ehhhh I don't want to talk about my birthday" thing when I said Happy Birthday. She is a grandmother (who looks damned good for her age, whatever that may be). And I got to thinking about how wonderful it is, that in the books I've read about the Native American culture, older women are considered very wise because of their years.. and they are listened to and counted on for guidance. I want to research that as well.

    Lastly - thanks Angela. Every once in a while I make a funny and it comes out right. My husband says it's when I'm not trying to be funny. The jury is still out. :)

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  13. I loved Ian and William together too! And William kicking some Johnson butt - awesome. Finally chapters I wasn't just trying to get through with wee Willie - I so want to enjoy his chapters but it was rough.

    I also felt a my eyes welling up to read the letter from Ian to William and the gift from a the man the Indians call Bear-Killer. *sigh* Amazing

    I just deleted my last comment because I realized I added something that happens in ch 42 and I know you lassies have read the entire book but I'd hate to spoil any newbies that come along like me:)

  14. Oh Loopy... you're making me miss it all soooo much! Keep reading!

  15. William, oh William.... you really need a seeing eye dog... and I sort of want to take him aside and give him some career counseling... I worry for the poor lad!