Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dances With Wolves

SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless you have finished Chapter 35 in AN ECHO IN THE BONE.

The following is said in my best crazy lady voice:  WHERE THE EFF IS IAN?!?

What the hell do you mean "The next day, he was gone." What is THAT supposed to mean?!? OK Diana - talk to me like I'm a 2 year old - because I dinna understand this one i-OTA.  My first thought was "OH NO - he went back to the SUCUBUS" (aka Emily. Ew. I feel dirty even saying her name). But they're at Ticonderoga - and that's in New York. It would take him months to get back down to the meanie's neck of the woods on horseback - and he doesna even have a horse! So what - did he meet some new chick with the Huron?!? UGH!!!  IAN! Have I not FORBID further cavorting and canoodling with the Indians?!? And behind my BACK he just goes and disappears! Where the hell else could he have gone? The SPERM BANK OF HUDSON COUNTY for god's sake?!? And he doesna tell ANYONE. That is inexcusable. It was understandable back when he first came back from the Mohawk and he was all messed up in the head and fully submersed in delving-out-in-the-woods mode. But now? No way. GET UP. DUST YOURSELF OFF. And be a man. Like your uncle. No more of this baby-making obsession. Just get your ASS to Scotland with Jamie and Claire and marry someone. ANYONE. (Anyone whose mother's name isn't Laoghaire, that is.) STOP acting like a child. We've ALL suffered loss. We've ALL worried about our past and future. But that doesna mean we just DISAPPEAR. His ass had better be off in the woods widdling Claire a thank you gift out of birchwood is ALL I've got to say.

Oh this weekend's video is going to be good, y'all. I can see THAT already. I am FIRED up.

Post Script:  LOVED the mention of General Anthony Wayne. Let m'tell you a little something; I have a lot of odd little connexions to Anthony Wayne. As you may know, I grew up in a (not so) little town in Pennsylvania called Paoli... which borders Valley Forge.  They're big on the American Revolution in those parts. And just a few train stops away lies a little town called Wayne - named after "his truly". (Tracey was actually an extra in the movie TAPS, which was filmed at the Valley Forge Military Academy - and various parts of Wayne.) Now... what I'm finding verra interesting is that I'm pretty familiar with what's coming after Ticonderoga as far as Anthony Wayne goes. He ends up at the Paoli Massacre...and then winters at Valley Forge....and then ends up at the Battle of Monmouth. Guess where I live now?  Monmouth County, New Jersey. Yeah. The same Monmouth. And if THAT weren't enough, Anthony Wayne is buried in Erie, PA, where my cousin Jenn D (a My Outlander Purgatory lurker) lives.

OK I am so rambling right now... but you get my drift. I love the American Revolution because I've been surrounded by its memory my entire life. And I canna WAIT to see where we're going next! Valley Forge? Scotland? IT'S ALL GOOD!

Post Scriptum Scriptum: "Nothing hurts when ye love me"??? JAMIE FRASER you MELT MY BUTTER!

***Thanks to Dan Smith for the beautiful photo of the Anthony Wayne statue taken in Valley Forge park.


  1. Random thoughts:

    • LOVED the Claire/Ian talk--and yet, TOTALLY with you on the wanting to slap the bejesus out of him a la Cher sometimes. Ian is the most FASCINATING character to me in that he can make me literally weep in one sentence and provoke mind-numbing rage in the next. What you described is exactly how I felt during Malva period of ABOSAA--here I was all crying over Ian and his lost love and lost babies and tormented soul, and then a few chapters later he was like, "yeah I couldn't keep it in my pants and I might have knocked up Malva." OCH he is such the juxtaposition of old soul and frat boy.

    • OMG I knew Carol would be loving the Anthony Wayne references!!! I squeeeed like a schoolgirl when I started hitting those. (Apologies to all you readers who must put up with Carol's and my recollections of Philadelphia-area Revolutionary War haunts we have visited. For us, Valley Forge was like Central Park--just a place to go to hang out.) This book has totally made me want to revisit our old stomping ground (which I haven't done since our parents sold the house in Paoli nearly 10 years ago) and check out the Anthony Wayne movie theater and Paoli historical marker and all that jazz...

    • Yes, it's true--I can beat all comers at "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon." I was in Taps with Tom Cruise, who was in A Few Good Men with Kevin Bacon. Top that, lasses. ;-)

    • Just b/c I know Carol got to this part--I have been waiting for four books to have the characters start to meet famous Revolutionary War figures, so how freaking AWESOME was it for my bestie LJ to walk in and be introduced to a NEKKID BEN FRANKLIN?!?!?! Loved that so!

  2. Carol - Loved your post/comments. I remember feeling the same way when I read that .... Gone. What do you mean he's GONE? I don't like my Ian being GONE - the DRUMS flashbacks are just to much. I like my Ian right where he belongs.

    Tracey - loved your comments as well - you're just as freaking funny. :) And you're so right about Ian - I think that's what I love about him so much.

    I can only imagine how cool it must be to read about people/places that you're so connected to. I get jived just reading about the real people in American history that I actually know/have learned about myself.

    Happy Reading Carol!

  3. CLASSIC Outlander Purgatory right here!

  4. Carol ~

    I'm finally back from Paris (where I considered it my duty to look for handsome men to possibly cast as Fergus ~ there were plenty, let me tell ya!) and just today had a chance to catch up with all your posts. Looking forward to chat tomorrow night! Can we expect a new video soon?


  5. I'm uploading a new vid as we speak--and will be creating part 2 as soon as that's done. Stay tuned...

  6. Yay! Can't wait for a new video. Tracey, i love it when real historical figures wander into DG's books!! She does it in just the right way w/o making it boring or too Bill and Ted's excellent adventure.

    I love Ian because I really do feel that we get a glimpse of what Jamie was like at that young age. A little wild, rebellious, a little lost, but serious, heart of gold, etc... Except, of course, way more Jamie-esque.
    Carol, hope your daughter's first communion was wonderful!

  7. Hilarious post! I share your frustration with Gabaldon. I mean, for God's sake, get on with it.

    I found your post, though, through the Anthony Wayne reference. Do you have any connection to Cincinnati? My new book, The Fairest Portion of the Globe, features Wayne as a major character, commanding the Legion of the United States (as the Army was then called), at Fort Washington in the Ohio country. The main story line concerns his two young subordinates -- by the names of Lewis & Clark -- but Wayne was a crude, profane, and yet somehow noble character whom I just loved writing about!

  8. Hey, found your blog a few days ago, and I have to say I love it. It is just too funny.
    I am re-reading the series, and I am currently on Breath of Snow and Ashes, trying to catch up with you guys.
    Just read about Lamaze class with Fergus, I know how much you loooove that scene, Carol, and couldn't help laughing when I saw you commenting about it on your You Tube video...
    Oh, before I forget, just stopped by DG's YT channel, and wanted to also congratulate you guys on being the ONLY website she subscribes to. I am sure she gets a kick out of you...

  9. Hi All,

    I must say I was-a-gigglin' when I wrote that post. I do my best work (as if I have a right to refer to this as "work" LOL) when I'm annoyed at something in the books. If I were an actor, I'd do much better being the crazies than the normal people; that is for sure.

    Welcome Jeanie and Frances. I'm always so happy to have new readers and commentary. Frances - I have no affiliation with Ohio - just PA. You might know - was it Anthony Wayne who was buried and dug up and re-buried because there was a family fight about his remains or something? I may have made that up in my head (yeah - as I said - I'd play a good crazy - wouldn't be too far off!) I'll have to look it up. Good luck with the book!

  10. Hi

    I just found your blog. Love it!! Just found Outlander last year and I was instantly in love with Jamie. I am also from Malvern / Paoli area. Can't wait to read the rest of your thoughts on Echo in the Bone!!

  11. YEY!!! Hi Shanna! Welcome! We love discussing Jamie Fraser. And you're a hometown girl! Have you ever seen the video on youtube of this kid from Conestoga riding around Paoli in a convertible and he's singing "Goin' to Paoli" like Will Smith's "Miami"? It's absolutely hilarious.

    Good to have you here! Keep the comments coming! :)

  12. IIIIIAAAANNNN! What the heck! He's going to give Jamie a heart attack. Can't stand it.
    Jamie-always had the right thing to say. Yum!
    Kevin Bacon-gotcha beat! Maybe. No movie connection. Met him while he was doing a play in Philadelphia(late'70's) and he was in school with my brothers. LOL

  13. IIIIIAAAANNNN! What the heck! He's going to give Jamie a heart attack. Can't stand it.
    Jamie-always had the right thing to say. Yum!
    Kevin Bacon-gotcha beat! Maybe. No movie connection. Met him while he was doing a play in Philadelphia(late'70's) and he was in school with my brothers. LOL