Saturday, April 3, 2010

You go in the cage... Cage goes in the water... You go in the water... Shark's in the water... Our shark.

SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless you have read Chapter 13 in AN ECHO IN THE BONE. 

Sometimes the Outlander books are like JAWS. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...

So I'm reading along... through Ian's highly adorable and very neurotic over-thinking of Arch Bug...a possible wife...Jamie and Claire's sex life...and any female he's ever had lusty thoughts about... and BOOM! I turn the page and I'm back to at least 6 months ago with Lord John. Not that I dinna LOVE Lord John. But... well.. you know. Sometimes you're just so ingrained in Jamie and Claire and Ian and anyone living on the Ridge.. that you sortof wake up and go "huh?" when you all the sudden find yourself in the 20th century - or with any male who a) has manly love for Jamie Fraser or b) is an offspring of Jamei Fraser. 

So let's back up a bit, shall we? I found it hilarious when - after Claire had labeled a cask filled with grain alcohol as "sauerkraut"- Jamie uttered the words "and what if we should be set upon by illiterate banditti?" Oh my god I HOWLED at that immensely amusing bit of commentary from Mr. Fraser.

OK so I have a few predictions. There has most likely been some MASSIVE foreshadowing, in my humble opinion. Claire and Jamie were in the Spaniard's cave, discussing how Jemmy fell into the cave on top of Jamie and he could have broken his neck and killed him, which would have left Jemmy alone and unable to get out of the cave.  And Claire thought to herself: and we'd never have known what happened to either one of you... and on any given day, something just as random might happen. To anyone.... and she asked Jamie of the Spaniard: "What do you think happened to this gentleman?" and thought to herself: His people never knew. Ho. Ly. CRAP.  Is Claire - or Jamie - or Ian - or anyone - going to be left in a situation where nobody knows what happened to them??? Holy god - if I'm right - is this how the  book is going to end???


OK I have to move on because just saying all of that out loud gives me chills. SO - Tracey, Jenn M, Shannon and I have mentioned the possibility of going to NYC one of these days... because we want to check out a Scottish bar or two. What I didna realize until VERRA recently is that we have an authentic pub to visit which was mentioned in An Echo in the Bone. The Fraunces Tavern is still in operation - under new management - and I am psyched to go there!  The Beekman House doesna seem to be there anymore... but the post office in Rhinebeck has some stones from the ruins. Kindof cool.

OK I MUST go to bed as it's almost midnight and my children will be up verra early, looking for their Easter baskets. More tomorrow as I've got an entire new blog entry in my head, waiting to be posted!

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate! :)


  1. Totally agree with you about the foreshadowing--tho I will say I didn't think about it while reading the whole cave part. But my guess is that something is going to happen to either Claire or Jamie, and the other is going to think the worst, and that's how the book is going to end. At which point I shall take to my bed for a week.

    Re: the going back and forth in time periods--I think there's DEFINITELY a method to DG's madness there. Why is J/C's story begin told at a point six months after LJ/Willie's story? Why is Bree/Rog's story being told at a point 2 years after J/C's story (if you look at the two time periods as parallel)? I haven't quite cracked the code, but I definitely think there's a purpose for telling the story this way which we will discover at some point.

    Re: Ian--loving him in this book. LOV-ING-HIM. That whole "will I find a wife" part was just so poignant and adorable I could spit. And did you find it weird that when he was going through his mental rolodex of Hot Babes He Remembers, there was NO mention of a certain someone to whom he was once wed? Hmmmm...

    Re: Lizzie--the stepmother cracked me the HELL up. Can you just imagine marrying into this freak-fest? And yet she was as stoic as she could be. Man, those Beardsleys are some freaky shite.

    I have a confession: I wish I was more into the Willie parts. They're kind of boring me. Every once in a while, as I'm starting to feel sleepy whilst reading one, I scream at myself, "WAKE UP!! THIS IS THE SPAWN OF JAMIE YOU'RE READING ABOUT!!" Sometimes it helps, sometimes no...

    BTW, I am about to start chapter 26 (I think). Keep reading--I have lots of comments to make!

  2. 2 1/2 years late to the party - but the Willie and Lord John parts also are pretty meh to me right now. But I had a revelation the other day - it's like when Brie first came on the scene. Hated every section that was all about her. Didn't even care that much about Roger. But I pushed on and came to like the sections that are from their points of view. So I expect the same will come with Willie and LJ.

  3. I finally warmed up to Bree so I imagine I will to wee Willie too

  4. Hi all

    I must admit I still haven't warmed to Bree. But that's neither here nor there. Right now I am thoroughly enjoying Willie's chapters but I am skimming the chapters from Lord John's perspective and trying desperately not to fall asleep. Please don't stone me, but I've generally never been a big fan of the character apart from when we first met him in DIA.

    Right now I'm about to start chapter 15 having just dragged myself through chapter 14. Both are his chapters and I think I'll take a nap and try again tomorrow. Oh the blasphemy!

    1. Meant when we first met Lord John in Voyager not DIA.