Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Like Father, Like Son

SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless you have read chapter 18 in AN ECHO IN THE BONE. 

Jamie + Fergus = VINTAGE OUTLANDER, does it not??? Oh MAN I loved this chapter!

"Then I grew older still, and discovered that, after all, it was true. I am the son of a great man." 
The hook touched Jamie's hand, hard and capable.

Wow. SO moving. And Germain was cracking me up. He's a little fire cracker... and I LOVE that Fergus is teaching him to pick pockets... and then put back whatever he has taken... because it is a "family legacy". Oh holy hell that made me laugh.

I'm so glad to see Fergus BACK IN BUSINESS. He's much more interesting when he has confidence, is he not?

And HELLO??? I. Am. DYING! WHAT does Percy want with Fergus?? I canna WAIT to find out!


  1. Oh, LOVED that Fergus line. Harkened back to Voyager, when Fergus and Marsali got marrit and Jamie gave Fergus his own name--made me cry then and this latest line got me a little misty as well.

  2. I absolutely loved that part. It is one of those parts that you go back and read, over and over.

    Who couldn't love Germain? He has always cracked me up, especially when he got himself and Jemmy drunk with Cherry Bounce at Frau Ute's engagment party for Lizzy in ABOSAA. LOL! It was hilarious.

  3. yes! I thought of Fergus and Marsali's wedding as well. Fergus' life seemed to always be headed on a bittersweet path from his beginnings at the brothel - so every success has a bit of an edge to it, like, he gave Jamie so much loyalty, but it cost him his hand.
    I LOVE the scene between him and Jamie. I remember being so worried about creepy Percy tracking them down - like Fergus is finally back in his element, thriving, and destiny (and DG) canna let him just be peacefully happy!

  4. I just came across your blog and love it. I read tentatively because I haven't started Echo yet (though have read all the others numerous times), and truly appreciate your posting spoiler alerts so that I may be on my guard.

  5. Welcome Denise! Are you starting Echo soon? I'm only just starting chapter 21 - so if so, you'll be right along with me soon! No worries on the spoiler alerts - I'll always post them! I hate spoilers!!!