Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sail On...Honey... Good Times Never Felt So... Hmm...

SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless you have read Chapter 31 in AN ECHO IN THE BONE. 

I am on the boat with Jamie, Claire and Ian and LOVING IT. It's so verra Voyager. Which is funny because when I was reading Voyager I got a little "meh - enough sailing" but this is outstanding! The new boat is now right up alongside them... and it's firing at them... and Jamie is shite-ing his ever-loving pants. And he whipped his shirt off and started waving it around.... and I'm not sure but I think someone from the other ship actually asked Jamie to turn around (so they can see his back?!) I was reading in my car at school pick-up and Jen L came up to the car and started talking to me - so I dinna know what happens! And I'm sortof THRILLED at that prospect. I am literally thrilled to be in the midst of this scene and not know what's going to happen. Kindof like when Dallas ended without telling you who shot JR. So now I have to wait until I read more to know. It's wonderful! I love suspense!


  1. Totes agree re: being on the boat. "On the Water" was one of my favorite sections of Voyager, and this new boat section is just as tasty. What I really loved about it is that after two mildly-interesting-tho-not-really-that-riveting (cough WILLIAM cough) parts, part 3 on the boat is back to CLASSIC, edge-of-your-seat, canna-turn-the-pages-fast-enough-to-see-what-happens, Claire-and-Jamie fun. SQEEEEE!!

  2. I like the way Claire has to figure out how to treat patients with little or now medical equipment - like sticking the thing in the guy's lung so the fluid can drain out - and he lives! Crazy!

  3. Re: William, I know! I want to be as into him as he deserves (I mean, he is Himself's son). It especially worries me that someone like Tracey, who read the lord john books, isn't that into that part! Sometimes I feel like there are two DG styles: the lord john style (percy, the LJ books, william) and the Jamie and Claire style (that is so spectacular, and includes bree/roger, etc..)

    I feel devastated when I think of Claire's fine medical supplies box and all the stuff they lost in the fire :-( they're always starting all over again...

  4. Sirena--completely agree with you re: the two styles of DG-someone somewhere called Echo "a Lord John book within a Jamie/Claire book," and that description is so true! The Lord John books are very traditional mystery--LJ will go to interrogate someone about something, and that person will go on for 7 pages describing what happened to whatever event LJ happens to be investigating. We are told what happens rather than actually witnessing what happens. It's very different in the J/C books--in those, it's more of a traditional storytelling structure, where we see everything through someone's POV. The mix of styles has been a little bizarre sometimes, IMO.

    As for Willie...well, given that I'm about 150 pages from the end, I will refrain from saying what I think of him now and wait for Carol to catch up...

  5. Tracey, I agree with your rather veiled reference to the later William sections. ;)

    Carol--I found that the whole Outlander-on-the-Sea in Voyager was a lot better on the repeat reads. Maybe because you know what's coming (creepy plantation, Gellie, Stephen Bonnet, etc.) and so you relish the relative calm of the ocean voyages!