Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Never Assume for it Makes an Ass out of U and Me.

SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless you have finished Chapter 31/Part 3 in AN ECHO IN THE BONE. 

Please forgive me for being sparse this week. My daughter turned 8 yesterday and I have five 2nd graders coming over on Friday night. She's also making her 1st Communion on Sunday and I have my family and the hub's family coming on Sunday. Throw in a school visit, a haircut appointment, planting, sprucing and shopping and well... I am not able to blog too much. THAT SAID - let me say this:

Lordddddd I have GOTTEN OFF THE BOAT(S)!!! The only problem? I turned the page and found myself reading about LORD JOHN! I'll admit it; it was a let-down. As I told Tracey - it was like coming out of an extra grueling trip to the Shoprite - only to find out your car has been hit in the parking lot. Dinna get me wrong, I love myself some Lord John in the right circumstances (can we say "girltalk with Bree"?). But I just wasn't expecting him so soon after the BTF (Boat Trifecta Fiasco). I thought we'd see a little Roger....or a new-and-improved Jamie whose feet were solidly planted on shore (and on Claire, wishfully thinking)... but no... Just Lord John... who will be inquiring something -  of someone - of relative importance... and not a whole lotsa Jamie Fraser.

OK so THAT said - I will go read now. Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck this weekend. Did I not tell you in last week's chart that Lord John is the MAN in Echo! Hope you get some time to read.

  2. I am just about in the same exact spot in Echo as you are Carol. I mean to take my time with Echo since it is the last. I read about 1/2 of LJ - Brother of the Blade as a preamble to Echo. So I've had my fill of Lord John at this point.

    I feel like Jamie and Claire are drifting away and becoming a couple of the many many side characters we have read of since Outlander - Rather than as the main characters of the story.

    I guess that is the natural progression of the storyline since J&C are now what 60 something?

    Hoping for something to heat up with someone, somewhere, sometime....

  3. Keep reading, lasses. Part 4 is one of my fave parts of the book. I had forgotten there was so much LJ in it...

    Jennifer--it's funny you should say that re: J/C being side characters--I had heard that they were not front and center in this book and thought it would bother me more than it ended up doing. I think one reason is that when they are featured, they're COMPLETE front and center (as with Part 3 and the boat storyline). By the end of the book I didn't walk away feeling that I hadn't gotten enough J/C.

  4. hi carol
    hope the weekend goes well.
    just to "echo" what tracey said -keep reading- and enjoy.
    lesley :-)

  5. THANKS All. :) I dunno - I suppose I have to keep reading. In this book, there are parts that are SO good - and others that - while not bad - aren't exactly holding my attention. So when I get to one of those parts, it's easy to put the book down. And with this week's crazy schedule, it's easy not to pick it up again for a while. I do agree that J/C seem to be side characters and it's making me sad. I feel like I'm reading a combo J/C - Lord John book. I just don't love the character enough to want to read about him. But I'll muddle through... because I trust in Diana... AND because we will soon be celebrating the Birth of Our Laird. ;)

  6. good luck w/everything Carol! you have a really full plate.
    I had a tougher time with this part of Echo than I thought. I felt the same way - I wanted more Jamie and Claire, and though I hadn't read the Lord John book, always felt transported away from J/C when she snapped into the different writing style that characterizes the LJ parts. It's def. worth muddling through, but it's funny to have to muddle through parts of the book - with the other books, I had to slow myself down, no muddling needed! But then, the J/C parts and fact that I love Lord John, etc... and do plan on reading the books did help.