Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An Echo in Murtagh's Bone?

Did I see this at Costco today? Yes I did.

Did I open it? NO I DID  NOT.

Why? Because I promised Tracey I would not look until we BOTH get them on Thursday, which she now tells me might be Friday (nooooo!!!) so we can make a reaction/skype video.

I. Am. DYING to know what the Murtagh spoiler is! I have a hunch... because just this morning I listened to Claire signing the marriage contract and getting her dress on after having gotten stinkin' drunk the night before. (atta girl! Be just like one of those MEN!)

Here's my prediction:

Remember in Outlander when Claire got loaded and woke up the next morning with Murtagh standing at the foot of her bed??? I'm thinking maybe she made a drunken pass at him? Or maybe she told him she's from the future? Or maybe they HOOKED UP??? No way. Couldn't be. COULDN'T BE. But it's still fun to guess.

So... please... if I'm right - or wrong - DON'T TELL ME!! The video will be much better if Tracey and I are clueless... and I am enjoying the high I'm on whilst pondering this Murtagh fun.

PS - KAREN - do Tracey and I need to see the Murtagh spoiler AFTER the Exile excerpts in the new paperback Echo? If NOT, maybe we'll make a video later today while reading the Murtagh spoiler on Compuserve!


  1. Carol - I didn't think it was that crazy/huge of a revelation...just a cool tidbit that helps explain a few things I guess....nothing to freak out over but maybe that is just me. I can't wait to see your guys thoughts and such on all the drawings and the 2 little bits of new info we do get.

    I read the spoiler this morning but was more interested in running out to get the book/excerpt because of the drawings not really because I had to see the spoiler if that makes sense. I also don't think it took anything away from the excerpt reading it beforehand.

    I'll be curious to see what Karen & others think though...??

  2. SO Brandy - is the Murtagh spoiler PART OF the new excerpt in the new Echo? THANK YOU! I will now calm m'self right the heck down. LOL!

  3. Yes - it is in there. I think it probably helped to know beforehand because I knew what I was looking at when I saw it. I could see not knowing you having to read/look at those couple frames a few times to get what you are seeing.

  4. Carol, you are hillarious!! I don't know if I would have as much self control as you! I'm thinking about running down to barns and noble to take a peek in the back since I'm not buying the paper back!

  5. Carol - if you look at the EXILE preview, you might guess the Murtagh spoiler without reading the thread. I did. :-) It will certainly mean a lot more to you after seeing the pictures.

    All I said was something like, "So, does this [what I saw in the excerpt] mean....?" and Diana said yes. Whereupon a whole bunch of people all over the various DG fan sites went a bit nuts. :-)

    BTW, I'm impressed with your will-power, being right there next to a stack of books and not peeking!

    Very much looking forward to your impressions of the excerpt, when you get around to it! (Do post your reaction on Compuserve if you want; I'm sure Diana would be interested in what you think.)


  6. What?!? I'm so confused! I haven't heard anything about any spoiler anywhere, so am verra verra intrigued, Sassenachs.

    Is there new material in the new paperback edition?!? What's going on? Or is this a spoiler for book 8?!?

    Please enlighten me! :)

  7. Sassy, Girlfriend,YES! Run, don't walk, to your nearest bookstore or Costco... and get yourself the new An Echo in the Bone paperback! It's got 8 pages of new footage from the Graphic Novel - The Exile - that's coming out in September. Then get yourself to Compuserve and read Diana's latest info on Murtagh... which is apparently a bit of a shocker! I will be reading it all, myself this evening!! SQUEEEEE!

  8. Okey doke, I did some searchin' after seeing this...and found the Outlander Book Club, and did some searchin' there as well. As I've pre-ordered The Exile, I haven't (yet?) purchased The Green Slime, but did look at it in a bookstore with my wee bairns running around (thus, didn't read the whole thing).

    Uh, have you got a link to the CompuServe stuff? I'm sure I've got it somewhere, but...y'know. ;)

  9. Is it this one?