Wednesday, June 23, 2010

If you love Outlander AND Twilight...

In a way, isn't "The Exile" kindof like Twilight's "Midnight Sun"?



  1. I actually never finished Midnight Sun (hides head in shame)...I've never been the biggest Edward fan and I think I was on Twilight burnout when the rest of Midnight Sun came out (I had read the 1st chapter when that was available). I never got the Twilight graphic novel and have no desire to even read the new book about Bree and I like to pretend most of Breaking Dawn doesn't exist! LOL

    I have a love/hate relationship with Twilight. I've been reading vampire fiction since high school in the late 80's so I was always watching for the latest books. So, I read Twilight not long after it came out and had to wait for each book. Then the whole world goes crazy for it and it sort of took something away from it for me. I stil thought the stories were great but I didn't like the movies, can't stand Rob Pattinson or Kristen Stewart and just feel like the whole series just got 'sold out'.

    Anyway - so I am WAY more excited about The Exile then I am Midnight Sun! This probably compares with me to a Harry Potter release.

  2. I loved midnight sun!! I really wish and hope that Stephenie will finish it!

    But, I'm kinda there with you Brandy on the "Bree" and Twilight graphic novel. I didn't even know about those two books until like a month ago...

    I am so excited that The Exile graphic novel is mostly (I hope) in Jamie's POV! I don't know what I would have done if it was solely in Murt's POV. I would have been sad if I missed out on some certain scenes... I think you know what I'm talkin' 'bout! Also, it would be so awesome if there would have been and actual "Midnight Sun" Outlander, because I would love to actually READ Jamie's POV, not just comic book style. But, I am so excited for the pictures!!

    An after-thought about the Twilight graphic novel: I think that I would have been more excited for that, if there had never been any movies. I think that's why I'm super excited for The Exile, there hasn't really been any visual things for me to get my Jamie fix until 9/21!!!

  3. That is a great poing Megs - I didn't think about that. We have no visuals so far of Outlander and to know that this all is 100% approved by Diana makes it even better and more exciting.

  4. Definitely agree re: the Bree book. I read about 4 pages online, and gave up. I really don't see a reason that I should care about her at all.

    As for the Twilight GN, I did read a bit of it in Target and will admit that it was intriguing visually. Not sure I'd buy it, but it might be a library book option...

  5. Oh, and Midnight Sun is so awesome I canna stand it, and it would be tragic it remains unfinished...

  6. I checked it out at Target too and was quite impressed with Claire's images (so far). I think I will buy the GN because I already want to look at the pages again but can't because I didn't buy another copy of Echo.

    I think at some point Stephenie will finish Midnight Sun, after Breaking Dawn (the movies) come out, just to keep the Twilight Saga relevant.

  7. i would totally buy midnight sun. and i completely agree about bree. why did steph even go there? it's such a lame story line

  8. OK so here's my deal. Love me some Twilight. Love me some Edward. Love me some Midnight Sun. I felt like I liked Midnight Sun almost better than Twilight in a way... because it gave me a look inside Edward's head. I think when you read Midnight Sun, you sympathize with him even more.

    Since parts of The Exile are from Jamie's POV... I feel like I did when I read Midnight Sun: "Oh my god - this is the same story, but totally different!" At first I thought "Meh - why do I want to read Midnight Sun; I've read Twilight already." But once I started it, I realized it's a completely different animal... and totally enhances the story. You could even say it changes the story in a way, I suppose.

    And now that we're seeing snippets of The Exile...I'm getting that same feeling back all over again.