Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Outlander Reread: Chapter 4

SPOILER ALERT:  The following has a cryptic Echo reference...but it's a big DO NOT READ if you havena read Echo.  

Oh boy. I've been reading. And it's soooo good. In some ways, a reread is better than the original read... because you just pick up SO MUCH MORE the second time around.

---Claire was NOT a virgin when she married Frank! I had no idea! Claire, you ignorant slut! How juicy. A couple months ago I'd have said it would be cool if one of Claire's previous conquests showed up in the 18th century. But that was before...nevermind.

---I miss Murtagh, who I had forgotten was "ferret faced".

---I miss the heavy Scots-speak in Outlander. "Yon wee stramash"... "dinna fash yourself"... "feisty wee bitch"...sigh. It was all so... so.... so SCOTTISH!

---I still say Frank is the reincarnated Jack Randall. Losing Claire was his retribution for everything he did to Jamie.  Karma, my friends... karma.

---Holy CRAP Jamie was funny in Outlander. "Let a stray bannock come within reach, though, and I'll no answer for the consequences."  HILARIOUS.

---The scene where Jamie is telling Claire about Jenny's run in with Black Jack Randall... and Claire stands there - hand on Jamie's shoulder - not because she's still fixing his shoulder, but because she doesna want to wake him from his reverie? Wow. Just... wow.

That's all for now, lassies.  I've got some more reading to do!


  1. Only recently discovered your blog and I'm enjoying it SO much. Did you notice that Dierks Bentley's new cd is titled, "Up on the Ridge"?!? I thought that was particularly interesting as I'm reading Cross. Thank goodness that bloody Gathering is over! Geesh! I thought it would never end. :)

  2. "Feisty wee bitch, is she no?" - sigh... my absolute favorite Jamieism (and, yes, I know, there are many, many, many worthy entries...). But this was the moment I fell completely head over heels in love. And then later, at the end of Snow & Ashes, when Jemmy quotes Jamie about Mandy and says, "She's a feisty wee baggage, my grandda said so!" ooooo!

  3. I too am enjoying the reread! I am in Outlander waiting for Jamie to show up. It's so exciting!!

  4. Okay first of all this is so awesome you are rereading this. My sister and I were so disappointed we didn't get to hear your thoughts on outlander. but do you really think Claire wasn't a virgin when she met Frank? I thought she was just making Jaime squirm in Echo.

  5. Welcome Patti! LORDDDDD the Gathering! Did you think it would NEVER END?! :) I didn't know about DB's new CD - that's tremendous. I will have to give it a listen. Maybe find something for the Book 8 Playlist!

    Christie - LOVE LOVE LOVE that Jamieism. I totally know what you mean. The minute you hear it - knowing he's in pain - you just love him so much. He's so TOUGH. Grrrr!

    Shannon - wait til he does. Like I said this AM - the reread is better than the original read in a lot of ways. You discover SO MUCH MORE!

    Elizabeth - I am thrilled you guys want to hear my thoughts on Outlander! That's awesome! :) Ya know - I have to go back and check EXACTLY what she said... because maybe she just meant she had hooked up with other men but not "gone all the way" with them. But from what I read last night I was like "WHOA! She wasn't a virgin!" Hmmmm....

  6. Oh, I miss Murtagh too. He was one of my most favorite characters. It always moved me the way he was Jamie's protector, right-hand man, gaurdian all wrapped in one ferrety little package. I alway remember her description of him as a wirey monkey. The way he cared for Jamie on the voyage to France moves me to tear up thinking about it!

    So glad you're doing a re-read. There's so much to pick up the 2nd time around.

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  8. Okay here is what it says.

    "On the one hand, I rather enjoyed his shock at the notion - and at my age, I was not at all averse to feeling mildly wanton (do you feel very wanton when you put your hand down LJ's pants??!!), if only in retrospect. On the other hand..."

    When she says the word notion it makes me think she is only messing with him. But when she says in retrospect maybe she is really saying she wasn't a virgin. and you do have a point about her just getting "handsy" with men and not going all the way. hhmmm. What do you think?

  9. Hey did you ever get the audible to work? Going to a Scottish Festival tomorrow! So excited!

  10. Angela I just sent you an email. Didn't work :( but that's OK and I thank you for trying!! PS - have a GREAT TIME tomorrow and send us pictures if you can!!

  11. Erin - LOVE the "ferrety package". If I were drinking anything right now it would be all down the front of me.

    Elizabeth - you leave me no choice but to find that part in Outlander. Ohhhhh what a nuisance! Whoooo wants to read through the beginning of Outlander? Um yeah. That would be ME! :)

  12. Speaking of your song list, have you heard any of Colbie Caillat's cds? There is a track (no. 7) on her first cd that could TOTALLY work. I think of Claire when she was living w/o him. Also, the next track makes me think of when she went back and found out about Loughaire. I don't know that I would've gone back, but I guess I'm glad she did! I think of her sitting on that rock and this is what she was thinking. If you haven't heard them you'll have to check them out. BTW, I think Jacosta's wedding day was nearly as long as the Gathering, but a WHOLE lot more interesting! ;)

  13. There are a few places where I got the impression Claire was not a virgin when she married. The one I just hit was when she says she hadn't slept with anyone but Frank in 8 years - if Frank had been her only one, the "in 8 years" part wouldn't have been necessary. There was something else in Voyager, I think, that gave me the same impression. I know, vague - not so helpful!

  14. I’m literally 12 years late to this thread, but in the very beginning of book one, Claire says she hadn’t slept with many men before Frank! So, she was definitely not a virgin when she married him.

    1. Welcome! No worries! We're still here! :) GREAT point. Sometimes it's easy to miss these things. PS - that link above works now, if you want to watch a pretty hilarious skit from Saturday Night Live from wayyyy back in the day. :)