Monday, June 21, 2010


Chat tonight - 9PM Eastern, lassies! Hope to see you there! I'm enjoying the thrilling joyride that is "The Outlander Reread". My god, it's like crack! I'm loving it even more this time; and I've been LISTENING! Much to discuss!


  1. Lassies- I’ve been thinking and pondering on our discussion of WHY Jamie made out with Wee-Ho in the alcove! And, all of a sudden I thought of a moment where Jamie was talking to Clair (I believe this was in Voyager) about Ian and Mary "the working lass". This was right after Ian killed someone (I’s been a long time) and he insisted on sleeping with Mary. Jamie said something to the effect of: When you’ve been in war, nothing will heal what ails you like bedding a woman (that's totally not what he said, but me trying to sum up what I can remember of the punch line)

    Maybe since Jamie had just been through major drama he needed a make-out session with someone who was willing? Do you think that maybe this could be a possible explanation of his actions? I definitely don't think it was the entire reason he did it, but maybe a subconscious one?

  2. Megs: It could be that he needed to destress (remember too that according to Jamie, fighting causes a wicked...mmmphm). But honestly, I'm not sure there was anything that deep about it. I think it was a combination of the fact that he's a 23-year-old guy, women all through the castle are throwing themselves at him (go back and read what Alex says to him at the paddock whilst Claire is asleep), he's a bit horny from the Claire lust, and Wee Ho is verra attractive and willing. When he sees Claire watching them in the alcove, his attitude really is "oops, busted"--that's about it. I don't think it made him a playa--just a typical 23 year old guy.

  3. Good points Tracey! You're right, I don't think its as complicated as we were all making it! Men are simple ken? Haha

  4. Not...s'fast. If you're attitude is "oops, busted"... are you going to shrug and keep going? I'm thinking "no". He might as well have stood up and pulled the curtain closed in her face.

    I'm thinking it was a combo of Christie's "He wanted to appear manly and make Claire jealous" and Tracey's "he didn't think he had a chance in hell of getting Claire" and some of Christie's "hormones" theory mixed in.

    Megs - right or wrong - I love when people put a lot of thought into a theory. So you rock. :)

    Ultimately, I think we just had to be put into a position to believe Jamie was a playa (said like Les Grossman)... so it would be that much more of a shock when we found out he was a wee virgin. (LORDDDDD that was a shock!) I think I'd have drunk the Koolaid more readily if it had been someone else other than Laoghaire in that alcove... maybe someone a little older...and if had been at night, during a particularly fun celebration where lots of alcohol was involved. Just would have sat better with me than Jamie kissing the girl he thinks is young and went out of his way to help... and right smack in the middle of the day.

    That's all. KThxBye.

  5. In addition to what you're saying Carol, I think that when Jamie was "busted!" by Claire, it was DG's way to show us more of Jamie's personality (although I didn't understand that until the second or third time around;). Jamie is so stubborn and hates to admit he's wrong, while he was young at least. I said something during the chat about this too, and I can't  remember exactly how I worded it but, when Jamie "bent to his work" it was like him saying, "Oh well if you see me now, I'll do what I want!" (Tracey- "I'll make you watch"!!! Hehehe). That's what I think his "busted!" reaction was all about.