Sunday, June 13, 2010

Jamie Fraser: Lordddd the ReRead!

I read like a fiend on the beach today. Like a FIEND, I tell ya! So here's where I am:

Claire just left her little picnic with Jamie and is realizing she never looked at his shoulder / gunshot wound. Ugh. It's KILLING ME. I totally remember why I wasn't thrilled with Jamie (as if.... I feel almost blasphemous even SAYING that!) during the first read before they got married.  When Mrs. Fitzgibbons sent the wee dude to go find Jamie at the stables...and the wee dude came back and said Jamie said he was fine and didn't need to be seen?? UGH! I was so annoyed! James MacTavish - get your ASS up here and SAY HELLO, damnit!  And then when he stepped in for the wee ho, I was like "Ugh whatEVER Jamie. Yeah yeah - you're altruistic - whatevs - just hurry up and get ON with it so we can get back to some major cutesiness between you and Claire!"

(taking a deep breath...)

OK so Claire goes out to the courtyard to help Jamie after he gets his ASS beat... and there's all sorts of face-touching from Claire going on between ministrations from Mrs. Bug - whoops, I mean Fitz - and the leeches. LORDDDDD the leeches!! Gross - yet oddly fascinating, right?!  OK... soooo.... then - out comes THE WEE HO - and I'm thinking "UGH! HE DOESN'T LOVE YOU! HE LOVES ME!" in Liza Minelli's voice (think the movie "Arthur") and all I want is for Laoghaire to take her SORRY ASS back to wherever it is she came from. But nooooo...she's got to THANK him... and Claire steps aside to LET HER - in PRIVATE. Here's where knowing the story comes in handy: DON'T FRIGGIN DO IT, CLAIRE! I wanted to yell to her to stay RIGHT THERE and not let the wee ho have 5 SECONDS alone with Jamie. It was horrific. But there she went... and next thing we know it's the next morning, which means she has no CLUE what kind of THANKING the wee ho did. And make no mistake about it: she is a WEE HO -  of EPIC PROPORTIONS - or girlfriend wouldn't have gotten a serious PUNISHMENT from Colum!

Ooooh the reread has me in a FOUL mood - even after watching one of the greatest True Bloods of all time!!

I'd better go read more... STAT!

PS - Come to chat tomorrow!  I'll need to vent out some of this LEGHAIR FURY!


  1. hehehehe...
    Why you hatin, girlfriend? Weeho gonna get waz coming to her. We all know dat!
    leeches and laoghaire - ain't dey the same thang?!

  2. Leghair- lol!

    I think the Reread would make me crazy! I'm going to try to tackle it though. Hate to miss chat tonite! I already know it's going to be great!

  3. I just spent a week at the beach with my favorite Scotsman. Makes the oil on the beach less noticeable. My thinking is for to do your reread on audio. It is a much different and awesome experience. An addicting one.

  4. Christie - YOU AIN'T KIDDIN'! Leeches-n-Laoghaire. I. Love. That!

    Sirena - do the reread. You won't be sorry. At least of Outlander. It's like the greatest icing you've ever tasted... times 10.

    L - Oh no - did you have oil washing up on vacation? That's so sad. :( I am so ordering Outlander from Audible. I have to. So many people have said that it's better on audio the second time around.