Saturday, June 19, 2010

Scottie Translator

My thanks to m'girl ANGELA who just got back from a Scottish festival and had a ScotTASTIC time! She also sent me this HILARIOUS Scottie Translator and I am giggling my goodies off. Check it out right after you check out my letter to Jamie in Scots-speak:

Hen jamie, 

i loove ye. claire loves ye. wa ye messin aroond wi' leghair? she is a whiny wee beotch an' will only cause ye pain an' misery in life. stick tae th' sassenach. she's th' a body ye want. 



  1. Look it!

    OK, so y'all gotta check out this series on Natgeo called 'Earth: The Biography' or something like that. It's kind of like the Discovery channel's 'Planet Earth' series but about geology. Anyhoo - it is narrated by Dr. Ian Stewart from... wait for it... Scotland! Whee!! He talks the whole time!! Beautiful!! The movers were at my house yesterday morning bringing stuff in (that's why DH has been pissy - moving his dad into a nursing home) and I was all like "Wait a sec - I need to hear him say 'atmoosefearrrrr' again!

    OH, and speaking of Ians... here's a funny story about a friend who named her son Ian: she was telling the dr. who was filling out the paperwork for his name and he asked her about spelling & she said "Ian: I - A - N". When the birth certificate came back it had it: "E - N - I - A - N" HA! Now we all call the poor child Ian-Ian!

  2. I love it! I am so "translating" all the e-mails I send to my Outlander friends until they beg me to tell them how I did it! LOL!!

  3. Oh, I remember this! Somebody mentioned it last year on Compuserve.

    Here's the thread

    You'll notice if you read through it that Diana seemed to think the translator had an odd accent (Glasgow? Is that what "weegie" means? I never did get around to asking her at the time.) Anyway, not QUITE the same as Jamie's accent, but close.

    Definitely fun to play around with, though!


    P.S. Chat is still on for tomorrow night, right? I'll see if I can stay up late enough for this one. (Maybe. Still trying to get over the last of my jet lag from my trip to Israel.)

  4. Have you watched any of the World Cup, there is at least one guy on there with a Scottish accent, kind of fun to listen to it...

  5. JaneEllen: LOVE that Scottish announcer guy! I'm not a huge soccer fan but the hubby LOVES the World Cup, so we have it on all the time. The Scottish guy is the best thing about it... ;-)

  6. THE US WAS ROBBED. I'm still seething over that Slovenia match. MEH.

    Yes Karen - chat is on - I'll have to post it - thanks.

    Christie - thanks - I'm so getting the DVR fired up!

    Diane - not a bad idea, lass! Although now Tracey, Jenn and Shannon are on to me. LOL