Monday, June 28, 2010

Outlander Chat Tonight!

Do NOT miss Outlander chat tonight!  We're stoked to discuss the new excerpts of The Exile found in the back of the new, very green, paperback copy of And Echo in the Bone. 9PM Eastern!


  1. I just came across your blog for the first time today. Very interesting. I didn't realize there were people out there that enjoyed talking about Outlander as much as I do. I'm busy tonight or I would try to be a part of Monday night's chat. But let me leave a couple of thoughts with you. Maybe you've already addressed this before, but indulge me. I think Roger's dad, who was allegedly killed during WWII, actually time traveled back. His plane crashed so he was assumed dead. Maybe Roger's dad has been living in the 1700's ever since. Maybe Roger's already met him and didn't know it. Maybe Roger will meet him if he did really go back throught he stones with Buccleigh. And what about Jem? If he accidentally goes back in time in the tunnels, does that mean he'll be buried alive since the tunnels weren't there 200 years before? I worry about him like he's my own kid. Waiting for this next book is very hard. I guess because this is the first time I've had to wait for the next book because I only started reading the books last summer.

  2. Welcome Stephlav!! We're thrilled to have you here! GREAT theories! To think of Roger having met his father?! That's tremendous. You are like us (Tracey, Jenn M, Shannon and me) - we all started reading in the fall and finished recently. We've been spoiled and now we have to wait - just like everyone else!!

  3. I think that would be so amazing if Roger finds his dad when he travels back in time! I was thinking that it might happen, and it would probably be one of the only good things to come from having to go back through the stones! Also, I think that nay harm will come to wee Jem! That would be so sad!