Monday, June 14, 2010


Outlander Chat TONIGHT at 9PM Eastern! I am on a "ReRead LEGHAIR RANT" - should be a GOOD ONE!!!


  1. I may be a few minutes late but will be there at some point--looking forward to it!

  2. (insert overly interested face here) - Where you goin', girl????

  3. Oh, I'm sorry--I thought that was Mike Newton asking me if I liked the rain... ;-)

    Just out for din-din--just to Bunnys for pizza night so I'm pretty sure I'll be home by 9.

  4. P.S. Maybe we should change things up a bit tonight and just talk about Eric Northman's arse....

  5. hi carol
    once again i doubt i will be able to join you tonight in the chat, but had to send you this to look at if you,ve not already seen it, check out her twilight items as well :-)

    what a talented lady.
    this is going on my wish list
    lesley :-)

  6. LESLEY!!! You are my FAVORITE person right now and will get a serious mention in my next post...because it will be all about that gorgeous bracelet! I MUST have it! I just said to my husband "Why couldn't I have known about this on Mother's Day?!" and he goes "your birthday's coming up". (Which shows what a wiseguy he is because my birthday is in December!!!)

    PS - We missed you at chat. I was thinking about you today and how we have to do an earlier chat one of these days so you can come to it! I'm working on it. I'll keep you posted.

  7. Tracey - the Mike Newton comment was priceless. HOW YOU LIKIN' THE RAIN, GIRL?! Oh I'm still laughing!