Friday, June 18, 2010

Riding the Roller Coaster with Jamie Fraser

SPOILER ALERT:  Dinna read unless you've read Chapter 8 in Outlander. 

Still plugging along with the reread. And I'm dying.

Claire went to bring Jamie lunch (a-GAIN!) and fell asleep while he was talking to Alec. (Who does that? She's quite comfortable at Leoch, is she no?) I LOVE how Alec was all "and this lassie's bringin' ya wee lunch every day cuz she's diggin' your mojo" to Jamie and she sits herself up PROMPTLY so as not to hear them talk dirtily about her. I'm such an over-thinker that I'd probably do the same damn thing but honestly.. I'm thinkin' they'd have just switched to the gaelic if they wanted to talk that way about her. And it's not like it's The Exile or anything; she's not Chesty Deluxe in the regular version of Outlander.

Do you find during a reread that you feel like you're on a roller coaster? One minute I'm all up in Jamie's business and feeding him hunks of cheese... and the next I'm alone in the dreary surgery trying to figure out why there are belly buttons in jars. It's maddening. You just want to read at 90 miles an hour through those parts so you can get back to Jamie! You feel like you're back in high school and watching the clock like a hawk because you know the second the bell rings your boyfriend is going to meet you outside Spanish with Miss Sonzoni and walk you to World Cultures with Mr. Florez. And you get to flirt in the hallway for a few minutes... but then you have to go a whole hour without seeing him AGAIN.

And Alec? I'll thank ye to stop mentioning LEG HAIR in Jamie's presence, thankyeverymuch!!!!


  1. Carol, I think you need to rename your blog site "MyJamiePurgatory" And yes, I know the feeling you're talking about...haven't felt that in a looong time - married my high school sweetheart, but that's what 12 years of marriage and four kids in four years will do to you.

  2. Miss Sonzoni--LOL: "¿Cual es la fecha de hoy?"

  3. rofl, yes, when's the next Jamie part. I'm doing a reread and I'm on Drums of Autumn. I was doing okay but then the last 2 days I'm running into slow parts and trying to remember when the next hot Scot scene is.

  4. Oh believe me - and I put "Jamie Fraser" in as many blog titles as I can now that I realize I'll show up in all the Jamie Fraser Google Alerts. LOL!

    Oh boy Melody. And you know what happens at the end. LORDDDDD THE GATHERINGGGGG!!!!

  5. So lessee...have not been commenting on my own reread (which I have passed you by in, BTW--about to start chapter 11--they're hitting the road praised be God!!!!). So ok, a few random thoughts (note that all page numbers refer to the big paperback)...

    • Chapter 2, Page 18, paragraph 8: Interesting that Claire touches a whole mess of the stones when she's exploring with Mr. Crook, and yet nothing happens. Think the stone with the cleft is the Big Daddy with the magic?

    • Chapter 2, page 20: did anyone else get misty at the appearance of five-year-old RogerMac? My eyes filled when I got to that part, thinking about all that was in store for them.

    • The following page, paragraph 10: Mrs. Graham has a triple-stranded pearl choker. Hmmmm.

    • Chapter 6, page 77, paragraph 2: Letitia's all concerned that something's happened to the lad Jamie. Given our knowledge of what may or may not have occurred with the Lady Letitia at this point, that becomes verra interesting, aye?

    • Chapter 7, page 94, paragraph 1: Claire is thinking about the experience of going through the stones-- "Had I fought toward others? I had some consciousness of fighting toward a surface of some kind. Had I actually CHOSEN to come to this particular time because it offered some sort of haven from that whirling maelstrom?" Um, Chesty, have you WATCHED our last video #6???? The answer is "Hell to the YEAH."

    OK, I have more but I'll wait till you blog more... :-)

  6. Tracey - I typed that last part out word for word on the chat the other day!! Don't you remember??

  7. I remember you going to find something but forgot that THAT was it. OMG we have SO cracked the code.

  8. OK, so I'm surfin the tv tonite and stumble upon one of my favorite 'kid' movies - The Princess Bride and I couldn't help it - I started comparing it to the upcoming graphic novel of Outlander!! Hehehehe! How crazy is that?! (Or, to put it another way, how crazy am I?!) The Albino in TPB is totally BJR's evil assistant at Wentworth!!!

  9. Oh Christie you are hilarious - and I am SO ON BOARD! I love that movie so much. And there is definitely an element of Jamie and Claire because Wesley will go anywhere and do anything to rescue Buttercup.

    Sigh.. I love that movie soooo much. In fact, I think - in our last video(s) - I actually say at one point "I'm not a vitch I'm your vife!" LOL

    And don't feel bad. Today I got excited because I put together the fact that my oatmeal was made by "Quaker". Two Outlander references for the price of one! ;)

  10. Can't you just hear Jamie telling Claire - "There's a shortage of perfect breasts in the world; it would be a pity to ruin yours."

  11. Ahhhhh!!! Yessss! That is SO AWESOME! Don't they have that relationship?? Well - Wesley is more Jamie... but Buttercup would need to toughen up a bit to be Claire. She's sortof the strong, silent type I suppose.

  12. OK, now 'fess up... do you just eat oatmeal b/c Jamie does - it is good for you, after all?! Keeps you from being costive and all that...
    "Nothing is better for thee than me."

  13. LOL nope - I love Oatmeal! A little brown sugar and some strawberries? Absolute yum-fest!

    PS - I leave you with this thought: "Your face is my heart". :)

  14. Och, aye... that's a good one, especially for me tonight as DH is in a pissy mood and not really speaking to me. I thank ye, lassie!

  15. Random thing on the oatmeal front- the other day while shopping I saw "Scottish Oatmeal"!!

    Maybe I'm a weirdo, but on my second time through I just enjoyed reading the parts while she was in the castle. Probably because I knew all the craziness that was instore for them! I think that the next time I read it though, I will be way more interested in getting to lovah boy Jamie!!

    But, the way you describe this part of the story is perfect! High school love, waiting for each moment to spend together! Hahaha!

  16. Oh Megs. Wait til you read my latest. It's high school PERSONIFIED!!!! LOL!

  17. hi carol
    i want to know who it is that callum has promised jamie to???????
    (he starts to tell auld alick when claire is asleep but then says that alick won,t know about that and doesn,t say any more grrrrrr)
    i didn,t remember this bit from my previous reads but it got me thinking !!!!!!!
    - if its leghair it maybe explains his behaviour with the wee ho !!!!!
    lesley :-)

  18. I know, Lesley... RIGHT??? I want to know, too... and I dinna know if we ever will. I'm going to check Compuserve to see if it's been discussed.