Saturday, June 19, 2010

Somebody get me the NAIR.

SPOILER ALERT:  MOST of this is about Outlander...but there is a Voyager reference.  I will post another alert before that sentence. 

I finally did it. I caved and bought the Outlander audiobook, read by Davina Porter, and listened to it today. (Thanks so much anyway for your help, Angela!) I was headed to see my parents who live almost 2 hours away... and realized what a godsend Microsoft Sync is! The kids were happy with a DVD and I was happy with Davina.


OK maybe she didn't jump him. Maybe he pulled her tighter on his lap when he saw Claire. Fine. Whatevs.

No - NOT "WHATEVS"! I couldna STAND it! What is his DAMAGE??? What kind of childish game is he PLAYING with Claire? The night before, he hands LegHair Claire's empty wine glass and basically says "Here - do something with this, will ya?" (which made me tinkle).... before disappearing into Claire's bed chamber to strip to the waist and speak so poignantly about not wanting Alec to see his back... that Claire feels the need to play Chutes and Ladders with her wee fingers all over his back.... before sharing a laugh with him about their simultaneous saying of "goodbye". BUT THIS MORNING.... it's a totally different story! BENDING TO HIS WORK!!! SPOILER: (Forgot I'd heard that before - when he was bending to Geneva 2 books later! with none other than the wee-est HO in the land!)

Seriously folks - I don't get it. Yeah yeah - he's a guy - she's a girl - and a cute one at that. Gotcha. Comprehendo. But you're the guy who stood up and got the shit kicked out of you in order to save her the embarrassment when you hadn't even done anything wrong! That's some serious INTEGRITY right there. So how do you then go and make out with her a few days later??? Negating all the good you did! And after COMPLETELY BLOWING HER OFF the night before?!?

I dinna get it.

A few thoughts:

-- I think I figured out a big piece of the puzzle. I was listening to the part where Claire is listening to the stories from William at the castle, and Jamie is translating the Gaelic (you know, right after he switched placed with Claire, bumping Wee Ho to the other side of the bench. Oh how I HOWLED at that!!!) And Claire is thinking about the 200 years timeframe and how all the stories involve women going back 200 years... and coming back. I think we ought to research old stories. That may be the key to what is going to happen ultimate with Claire (will it be Ground Hog's Day and she'll keep going through the stones and finding Jamie?) ... why she went to the 18th century...  etc etc.

-- I'm surprised Diana didn't take advantage of Jamie's turning down the oath - and make LegHair flip out because it meant he's not a clansman in her clan. Alec said her father would never let her marry outside the clan. Well now Jamie is officially remaining "outside the clan". I would have liked to have seen her go apeshit on his ass. Claire took off (once Mrs. Fitz shoved her out the door! I love that!) and that's where I left off.

-- What do you think Geillis (who I still love, I'm sorry) wrote to Dougal (when she bullshited Claire and said it was her bill that had to go to no one but Dougal or she'd never get paid)? I know she had a relationship with Dougal and she could have been saying anything... but do you think maybe GEILLIS planted the bug in Dougal's ear that Jamie should marry Claire? It's pretty soon after that that Dougal drags them away and makes them get married. Maybe BJR just played into his hands and helped him further the cooked-up marriage along.  Just a thought.

-- How funny was the "under the table kicking incident" between Claire and Jamie after she caught him with Le'Ho? I was dying. And I love how he's all smug as if nothing happened and he can go back to being Mr. Manly Man "I Can Do Nothing Wrong". That incident really took him down a notch with me. I'm looking forward to his explanation because I canna remember exactly what he said. I'm thinking he said she just wanted to thank him or something... but that would be BS because she already did in the courtyard.



  1. I'm so sorry that didn't work!! Dang it! But I'm so glad you are listening to the audio!! You will love it! I have got to catch up on my reading ASAP! I'm way behind. That is so interesting with the reference to Claire and women going back 200 years! I'm telling you.. were all going to have this figured out before DG writes her next book! WHO IS CLAIRE?!! Everyone has has some awesome theories!

  2. Whoa, girlfriend. You are on a rant! Who do ya hate more right now, Leg Hair or James Alexander Malcom McKenzie Fraser?! Maybe Jamie thinks he needs to make Claire jealous... remember he tells her later that he loved her from the minute she sat on him and fixed him up even tho he couldna see her face! And he thinks she's a widow, so he wants her to think of him as a manly man and all. He obviously wanted her to see him with Leg Hair - just smiles and keeps on keeping on...
    Oh, and yeah, Geillis fo sho is making some sorta plan with Dougal - maybe it's just all 'meet me for a roll in the hay' so we can make a changling baby 'cause I know he will grow up to go thro the stones and scare Roger & Bree's kids.
    oooo... How creepy is it to realize that at this point in the story Geillis had already met them all growed up when she killed her husband and went thro the stones and Bree and Roger and Claire were there and saw her... even tho Claire and Jamie aren't even married yet, let alone having baby Faith and then Bree. Och... time travel always makes my heid hurt!
    It's enough to make me think that I really could be related to Tom Christie... (My name is spelled like his b/c it was a family surname... from Ireland... Great-Grandda Christie was even Presbyterian! Squeeeeeee! On the other hand, that's a pretty screwed up family what with the witches and incest and all. Never mind, don't tell anyone, ok?)

  3. LOLOL!!! Dinna fash yerself, lass... there are plenty o' other good Christies out there you could be related to! (Although I kindof love Tom Christie. I wanted him back for a while but now that Claire pimped herself out to LJG, I'm thinking Tom Christie is the last person we'll be seeing any time soon.)

    OK you are SO MAKING MY POINT right now! I went through the same thought process about Jamie. I sortof have myself believing that after his little encounter with Claire where she traced his back, he knew he was falling for her and either a) was afraid of his feelings or b) thought she needed time because she's recently widowed and thought he'd have some fun while waiting (which is so NOT JAMIE) or c) was taking a test-drive since he knew he was going to have to get married sooner or later and knew LegHair was at the top of the list?

    I think I'm going with d) all of the above. I am over it now but while it was happening - during both reads - it hurt me. The thought of Jamie knowing Claire was watching and giving her the eyebrow-raise and kissing LegHair right in front of her bugged me. And again - what bugs me the most is that he just took a beating for her and is saying he only did it to be a stand up guy... but is then getting busy with her in the alcove. I dunno... seems like he's kindof being... a PLAYA!!! LOL

  4. OK, I'll be verra honest wi' ye...Jamie is being...a 23 year old guy. Who probably doesna think he has a realistic shot in hell wi' the Sassenach. (Seriously...what do you think might have happened if they HADN'T been forced to get marrit? That's an interesting topic...) Who has just (I suspect) had the full force of the Wee Ho's affections thrown at him. Remember that he was verra honest with Claire: "I've held women in my arms before and kissed them and it was all very nice..." I don't think Jamie was a playa, exactly, but if a pretty girl came up to him and worked it, well, he certainly was not going to offend the girl... ;-)

  5. Maaaybeee the Wee Ho pulled Jamie into the alcove and being a 23 year old man just went with it?

    I choose to blame her, hee hee

    Just finished Echo so now I have to start over? My house is a mess!

  6. OK, so more comments...

    • Chapter 8, page 105: We are definitely finding some Rhenish, drinking it, and making a video. That is so happening.

    • Same page: I always forget that Colum is supposed to be quite the hottie. I love that at this point, Claire is almost more attracted to Colum and Dougal than she is to Jamie--at least, admitting it to herself, anyway...

    • Page 112: Claire tracing the scars on Jamie's back: le sigh.

    • Page 113: OK, I'm thinking more about what I wrote in the comment above (re: Wee Ho)--I really think this was about option e) "There seemed to be something there but I don't have a shot in hell, and how convenient that Wee Ho is coming on to me whilst I am not only kind of depressed about Sassenach but a bit in need of some physical affection too."

    • Page 114, last 3 pages: What did Alex mean when he told Claire that she knew the difference between a girl and a woman? Was he insinuating that Claire had feelings for Jamie? And even more, what did Claire mean by "How did you know--"?????? Thoughts?

    • Chapter 9, page 121, paragraph 1: "It was some time before Geillie appeared, flushed from climbing the stairs, but smiling in anticipation of a long afternoon of herb pounding and gossip." BWHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!! I think Gellie was smiling because of some pounding, but Claire, I don't think you or your gossip had anything to do with it!! ROFLMAO!!!

  7. TINABABY1!!!!! Welcome aboard lassie!!!! You have much processing to do, aye?

  8. Let us not forget that Jamie is just 23 - hormones in a kilt. Just back from France and has many lasses flirting with him. He was a playful fun loving lad and kissing a lass in the alcove is like fraternity behavior. He explains taking her punishment to Clair at some point but it is really just the beginning of a pattern. Of him being a hero - of him taking responsibility of so many people's problems and lives. Isn't that one of the things we love about him?

    At this point he does not have any reason to think Claire is available to him so he plays it cool. (She may be an English spy after all.) He has a price on his head and is not marriage material- so he thinks.

    Who is Clair? She is a descendant of Master Raymond! He knows her by her blue aura.

    1. I wonder if the "stories of the stones" aren't so far off and faeries ARE what "go into them". Do you think Master Raymond is some kind of faery?

      I've been working that theory a lot over the past few weeks.

  9. TinaBaby1-I totally blaime wee-ho too!! Haha!

    Think about it, we know that yon wee hootchie was going to recieve her beating for her loose lips (which we later find out the beating was actually for seomthing else of hers that was loose!) And Jamie says later on to Clair about the alcove situation that is something to the effect of being a virgin, but never a monk...oh and wasn't something burning in him too...? Sick, please not for wee-ho.

    BUT, this is why I luuurve the younger Jamie! -Not because he made out with wee-ho, but because he's so cocky and hilarious! He's totally such a hottie.

    Christie-I love the idea of him trying to make Claire jealous!!

  10. TinaBaby1 - WELCOME and you are verra close to being in the same boat as me. Recently finished Echo and "now what??" And PS- LOVING your avatar. Rob is so dishly, is he not?

    Tracey - I thought that when Claire was talking about Alec knowing - she was talking about what was going on under the table and how it pertained to Jamie hooking up with LegHair - and that she was surprised Alec already knew without being told. I listened to that part yesterday when there was a weird traffic sitch happening on 78 and I wanted to rewind but was afraid I'd accidentally go back a few chapters and decided against it.

    I will now blog the rest as I feel I need to speak further on this Jamie/Wee Ho sitch.

  11. OOOOOhhhhhhhhhhh--TOTES makes sense. I am bringing the book to the pool and will reread that part--but I totally get it now.

  12. I just had the BEST blog all ready to post and then added the wrong HTML and the whole thing got ridiculously funky - and I lost most of it. That has never happened before!

    So.... no new post about the wee ho. Sorry. I'll try again later.

  13. Jamie did tell Claire of the meeting with L. that he was burning pretty bad!


  14. Get out - really Theresa? Why am I not remembering that? I probably mentally blocked it out the first time. LOL!!! Thanks. Now I'll be on guard for it when I get to that part. (Anything involving Jamie and a female that isn't Claire gives me a bad case of the willies!) ;)

  15. It was at Lallybroch that Jamie told Claire of the meeting with L. that he was burning pretty bad.