Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Big Outlander Reread

SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless you've read the first two pages of OUTLANDER. 

So I started again. I didna get far but WOW - the things you miss the first time around! Seriously... the things I took for granted during my first go-round are totally interesting now!

Who knew the entire series opens with Claire's light brown curly hair? Not I, said the fairy queen. And Mrs. Baird! I barely remember her. She's like the modern day Mrs. Bug! I'm getting Wizard of Oz vibes here! Is Claire going to wake up in the B&B when this is all over and say "And you were there... and you... and you!" pointing at Mrs. Baird aka Mrs. Bug and Frank aka Jack Randall???

So there Claire is, discussing Olgilvie home perms and trying to get away from Mrs. Baird... and I'm thinking "Run, Claire.. Run! Run to the stones! You won't be sorry!"

And then I read a bit about Claire and Frank having a little afternoon delight whilst Mrs. Baird vacuumed outside their door.. and I kiiiiiinda threw up in my mouth a little. Frank Randall, indeed. I may have to skip these little amorous parts between the two of them... because I feel dirty.... like she's cheating on Jamie. I mean.. if she was with Jamie 200 years ago... then that already happened, right? And m'girl's CHEATING with Frank. Jamie was her husband first!

Damn if I know. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Jamie Fraser or Frank Randall?

Survey says: JAMIE!!!

POST SCRIPTUM: WOW WAIT til you hear THIS! I was going to give credit for the standing stones photo above.. and when I went to the homepage of the website... I found out it was taken by someone named...

wait for it....


And she makes BEAUTIFUL, handcrafted cards... so check out Art in Nature... and Jocasta!


  1. even more funny is that Jocasta Cameron was an artist!

  2. Yay,(doing a happy dance...)I am looking forward to reading the blog on Outlander.

    By the way...Survey is right. Jamie was there first, so get your stinkin' hands off her Frank!

    Oh, can't wait for the "cannae be gentle about it" - blog.

    Final thought? Any videos in the making?

  3. Yes! Looking forward the re-kilting posts!

    I've started a "reread" with Outlander's audiobook (and I haven't even finished the series yet - how bad is that??? - Snow and Ashes is up next! w00t!)

    Anyway...that's my worst fear - this will end with Claire waking from a dream. But surely DG has something better in store for us!

  4. Rereading it, Cool!
    I ran into stuff that I missed, too.
    And there's one part that tears me up, the window thing, can't remember how far in but she's still at the B&B.

  5. I am so glad you're starting over. I just finished re-reading Outlander (3rd time through) and am starting DIA. Maybe, just maybe, I'll wait for you...while reading LJ in the meantime.

  6. Just wait until you get to the ghost for the second time...

  7. Oh, the ghost!!

    I actually teared up the 2nd time I read that part. I remember referring back to that part while reading Voyager.

    Carol - I guarantee you will cry when you read the ghost part.

  8. I've re-read Outlander, no lie, at least a dozen times. There are parts that still make me cry and others that still make me swoon.

    I was basically attacked by a woman in the library today when she saw a book I was checking out (The Good Mother: A Novel, by Sue Miller.) She was so excited for me to read it and was literally shaking w/ excitment. She said, "you must think I'm crazy for going on about this book when I don't even know you." But I thought, "not really. That's how I get when I try to get people to read Outlander!" I should have run to the shelf and grabbed it for her.

  9. So psyched to read your re-reading posts! I haven't really launched myself into it - I kind of read along as you posted earlier, which was a bit of a re-read, and was thrilled at how much more you get from the second read (and I'm sure, the other multiple reads people seem to do). I was also amazed by how much more interested I was in the beginning of the book! And the part about the ghost? Oh my god. I just cannot read it without worrying about how DG is going to tie all that back in. I don't know how she's going to tie the ghost back to the Jamie and Claire we "know" now, but I have a really scary feeling it's going to break my heart. To think of Jamie, separated from Claire, gazing up at her through the window!

    And, sorry, you know I'm all for Jamie, but according to my idea of time travel, Frank was totally entitled to "be" there at that time! That was Frank's time :-) Plus, it's technically the last time Frank will ever really have his wife :-( and he doesn't even know his world is about to end! But even at this point, you get inklings that Frank is a bit of a cold fish, right? Just my thoughts...

  10. Carol--I'm so glad you decided to do a reread--I know you were on the fence about it.

    I've actually reread Outlander once already (I think between Fiery Cross and ABOSAA, while I was waiting for Carol/Jenn/Shannon to finish FieryX)--I canna tell you how awesome it is to go back to the beginning once you're firmly ensconced in Jamie and Claire's relationship and see how it all begin and how the characters have changed over the course of the series.

    That's an interesting question--who has changed more? For me, it's a no-brainer: Jamie. You truly realize it when you go back and reread Outlander--it's not like he was boyish or anything, but he had a certain....naivety, maybe? Lightness? Less "responsibility for the world?" To me, Claire is older 20 years later, but really hasn't changed so much--still very stiff-upper-lip, very brave, somewhat prone to getting herself into scrapes that she maybe could have avoided. I suppose you could argue that she doesn't experience the kinds of life-changing situations (living in a cave, prison, etc.) that Jamie does during the years they are apart. Interesting question though!

  11. P.S. The Outlander Book Club is starting a reread of Outlander on June 1--I might join in if I can get my book back from the friend I lent it to. Or if I just buy a new one ;-)

  12. That IS an interesting point, Tracey. I do think that Jamie changed the most - Claire remained in essence the same stiff-upper-lip, frighteningly practical nurse type :-) I think that when you see Jamie flirting with Laoghaire, etc... you do see a different side of him, which doesn't really return. The next time you see that "type" of Jamie is in this really sad scene I remember from.... Fiery cross? Not sure. I think it was at the Gathering - when Jamie dances up a storm! It always brings tears to my eyes and brings to mind the young Jamie of the first book :-)

  13. OH believe ME... I've already reread the part at the window lassies. I have reread various parts over the last 8 months (some more than others. Snicker. "WATCH WHILE I...") I'll have to talk to Laura about the Outlander Book Club reread. Here's my deal; I mean to take my time about it, aye? I have no agenda... no expectations. I'm just reading here or there when I have some down time. That way I can keep blogging but I willna rush through anything!

    Tracey I'll have to ponder your question and get back to you... but yes, your choice of Jamie sounds about right.

  14. I think OBC is planning two chapters a week, so they're in line with your leisurely pace....

  15. Tracey, I agree with you whole-heartedly about how Jaime has changed the most! When I went back to re-read Outlander I couldna believe how different he was (I looove the younger Jaime)!

    I remember times in later books, as he got older, he would talk about how he maybe would have gotten angry if he was younger (or something to that affect). I also love mellowed out Jaime too :)

    When I read the Jaime and "Wee-ho" make-out part for the first time, I remember just thinking, oh how funny... Then the second time through, I wasna so gracious! Oh Jaime and your skanky window kisses! Wee-ho will forever plague your life!! Haha

  16. I think Tracey is spot on in her assessment of Jamie. It is rather sad to see how much life has changed him. There is just something about that younger, more innocent, more carefree Jamie. I blame it all on Black Jack Randall!

  17. I finally convinced my monthly book club to read Outlander. Most of them are Twilight addicts, but I told them there ain't no vampire that could remotely compare to Jamie Fraser. (sorry twilight fans)
    I'm on my third read of Outlander and it just gets better and better. I love it when Claire arrives at the castle and Jamie is comforting her in Gaelic and she thinks no wonder he's so good with horses,"I'd let him ride me anywhere."
    I was sold at that point
    I wonder if I could get my husband to learn Gaelic...

  18. Jo - "carefree" and "innocent" are exactly the words I always use to describe the first 3/4 of OUTLANDER, on re-reading. :-)

    After all they've been through in seven books and more than 30 years, it's sort of a shock (but in a good way!) to see Jamie and Claire at the very beginning of their relationship. Before Wentworth, before the 20-year separation, etc. I love watching for all the "firsts" scattered throughout OUTLANDER -- the first time Claire sees Jamie, the first time he calls her "Sassenach", the first time they kiss, etc.


  19. Hello, I have been a lurker for a few weeks and I am just as obsessed as you are. When you said you were doing a reread I just had to butt in and say, "It is time to get the audio books!" As good as reading the books is, listening to Davina Porter is wonderful.

  20. Karen- The last time I re-read Outlander (it was my third time reading it) I got so excited when they first got to Castle Leoch. I just kept thinking to myself, "this is the beginning! And it's really just too adorable..."

    I'm reading Drums right now, but I accidentally left the book at work. I'm seriously considering picking up Outlander to tide me over!

  21. Lovely Lassies!

    Sorry I missed Monday's chat (I'm on vacation).

    Sooo glad you are going to do a re-kilt! My first time through the series (sheesh - is it really less than a year ago?) I read so incredibly fast (I just _had_ to know what was going to happen next!) I missed a ton. I'm reading DoA now, and just spent a good 1/2 hour on one small little section and the interplay b/w Ian, Claire, and Jamie. You learn so much about their relationship, and who they are as individuals. And the writing is amazing. (tpb 131-135: when Jamie throws himself on Claire after she swallows the ring after Bonnet's boards the boat).

    We'd love it over on OBC for everyone to join in with the group re-kilt. Two chapters per week, starting June 1st.

    Karen ~ I know you are really busy over on CompuServe, but hope you can join us for the re-kilt. Your input would be invaluable!

  22. Laura:

    I will probably not participate actively, but I'll put an announcement up on my blog about this.


  23. Hi All -

    Great suggestions. I TOTALLY want the audio books. I am cheap though - so I'll probably see if I can get them on eBay or something.

    Megs - it's SO funny - I was livid when I read that about Jamie and Wee Ho the first time around. (Thus "wee ho" LOL!) I remember calling Tracey and saying "I don't even know if I LIKE this guy! He's making out with the wee ho... they think Hamish is his son... he gets around way too much!" This, of course, made it even better when I was faced with "I hope you dinna mind that I AM a virgin". Sigh. Looking forward to reading that again (who am I kidding - I've read that part about 10 times at least!)

    I think that Roger made the "swiftest" change. One minute he was a history buff from Oxford dahhhhhling... and the next he was this cool guy playing the guitar and singing Gaelic songs at a Scottish festival. I went from "Meh" to "Carol likey" in a verra short timespan.

    Laura - I LOVE that you guys are doing a reread. I probably won't do it exactly along with you guys... just because I don't want to commit and fall behind if life gets crazy. But I'll keep checking and weigh in where I can. I'm just starting to check the sites/blogs, etc. I posted the other day... but dinna remember what it was about. I'll go back and post more today. ENJOY VACATION!

    PS - Karen - I did it! I finally posted on Compuserve! (Carol = Scaredy Cat)

  24. Carol- email me I will send you some info on the audio stuff.

  25. Carol,
    At you can get a monthly membership for $7.49 which allows 1 free download per month. That's what I'm doing to get the audio versions. I started with the LJ books, I'm about halfway through DIA, and I just downloaded Voyager.

  26. Thanks Angela and JaneEllen! PS - My friend Mary Kay has been listening with audible.. but she downloaded The Fiery Cross and ABOSAA and said she later realized they weren't read by Davina??

  27. Carol,
    Oh yeah. Due to copyright rules that I don't understand, the unabridged versions of those have limited availability. I haven't figured out what I'm going to do about that yet! Be sure to get the unabridged versions, Diana had a post about the differences between the abridged/unabridged and it definitely sounds like the abridged versions skip quite a bit.

  28. I got the Fiery Cross and ABOSAA at the library.

  29. No! Davina porter reads all the books and she soo brings them to life!!

  30. I know this is late to the game, but I was able to find many of the audiobooks at our local library! I am actually in the process of ripping all 48 discs for ABOSAA to my iTunes right now :) They also had some of the LJ series there too.